Hot Desking vs Hoteling Office Space


Hot-Desking vs Hoteling Office Space

Hybrid workplaces have become the compromise between 100% remote and fully on-site jobs as more companies attempt to get employees back into office buildings after the unique conditions of 2020. Because of this culture shift, new methods for reserving and optimizing desk space for hybrid workers are becoming critical in keeping workers productive and buildings well utilized.

As a provider of audio solutions for a variety of workspaces, Yamaha UC has created a helpful guide to two of the most popular desk reservation methods that hybrid companies use today: office hoteling and hot desking.

What is office hoteling?

Office hoteling is a desk reservation process implemented by companies that have remote or hybrid employees who aren’t normally in the office every day. Similar to making a reservation at a hotel or a restaurant, companies allow employees into a web portal or mobile app where they can select their desired desk location of those available on a particular date.

Benefits of office hoteling include:yamaha uc office hotel

  • Increased demand and interest for on-site work: Picking the best spot in the office is a pretty cool proposition to employees who may have previously been unhappy with their seating arrangements. Maybe that means being closer to the kitchen or cafeteria, being able to sit among their peers, or getting the best view. Office hoteling simply makes coming into the office a bit more enjoyable.

  • Lessens the occurrence of unused space: Even before remote work became normalized, it wasn’t uncommon for companies to allow certain employees who traveled a lot to work outside the office. In many cases this resulted in a nice office or desk that no one ever used. Office hoteling solves this issue by allowing any employee to reserve such areas if they are available on a particular work day.

  • Improves team collaboration: With a fixed seating arrangement, on-site employees aren’t always near the people most relevant to their work. With office hoteling, collaborating workers can plan ahead and reserve desk space or pods nearby each other to ensure they make the most of the workday upon arrival.

What is hot-desking?

Hot-desking is a system of unassigned seating that allows workers to choose a desk on a first come, first serve basis. Hot-desking can occur multiple times throughout the day as employees come and go based on unique schedules or job positions. If a desk appears available, it’s essentially for the taking.yamaha uc hot desk

Benefits of hot-desking include:

  • Little overhead or required systems: The hot-desk model is first-come, first-serve, and is run entirely by employee intuition and mutual respect. If a desk is empty then it is available, and this type of culture requires no app or web portal to setup or sign into.

  • All day flexibility: Depending on job title, staggered meetings or lunches, or other circumstances, valuable desk space can open up throughout the day. Hot-desking allows a single pod or desk space to serve multiple employees for when these situations occur.

  • Seamless collaboration: If employees find they need to collaborate with another team or department, they can quickly make use of open desk space if available. This can be quicker than waiting on scheduling for a conference room or other tedious forms of etiquette.

Hot-desking vs hoteling

Hot-Desking differs from office hoteling in that it is first-come, first-serve while office hoteling depends on employees reserving their desk of choice ahead of time.

Which method is better depends on the type of work being done, company culture, and cost.

Hot-desking does not require a web portal or mobile app as it merely depends on whether a desk space is vacant in that moment. For this reason, it is considerably cheaper to implement than office hoteling, which often require web applications with employee logins so that reservations can be tracked accurately.

Hot-desking also allows for more flexibility throughout the day, since desks can open up at moment’s notice. In the case of office hoteling, a selected desk is reserved for the entirety of the work day.

At the same time, office hoteling holds the benefit of offering more choices to workers. Employees can plan further ahead by selecting their favorite spots ahead of time, instead of worrying about not being the first one in the office and finding their spot taken. Conversely, hot-desking can lead to arguments or frustrated workers when they can’t get the spot they want.

Empowering the hybrid workforce

Whether your company implements a hot-desking culture or office hoteling system, Yamaha UC can further empower your workforce and increase office productivity with advanced audio solutions.

One of the biggest complaints when it comes to hot-desking or office hoteling is the often inherent open office layout. These can be noisy, where it’s hard for employees to focus. Additionally, nearby conference rooms are rarely sound proof, and conversations are overheard everywhere.

Conference room audio solutions from Yamaha UC include microphones that cut out the background noise of a busy office, but also speech privacy solutions that retain a calm and quiet environment around even the loudest conversations.

Learn more about how to outfit your office with the proper equipment for hybrid work, or contact our experts for more information about our microphones and speech privacy systems.