Best Microphone Options for Conference Tables

Author: Gina Cunsolo

Best Microphone Options for Conference Tables

From ceiling microphones to wireless mic systems and soundbars, there are a multitude of ways to outfit a conference room for a high-quality video conferencing experience. However, sometimes the best solution is the simplest – a microphone that sits on the table.

Advantages of table microphones

Table microphones are perhaps the quickest solution to getting your video conferences running smoothly and sounding great, whether it’s for the corporate boardroom or your home office.

The primary advantages of table microphones include:

  • Ease of setup: Place the microphone on the table and pop in a USB connection to your computer to begin using the device and pass crystal clear audio to you Zoom, Google Meets, Teams, or other video conferencing software. Some tabletop mics even include speakers so that the whole room can listen and interact from one device.

  • Portability: Unliked a fixed installation like a ceiling microphone or soundbar, table microphones can be relocated or even tucked into a bag once the video conference is over. Table mics allow you to transform a location into a temporary huddle since you can carry them anywhere.

  • Remote and hybrid flexibility: Because of their portability and smaller size, table microphones are excellent for remote and hybrid work. Instead of fumbling with headsets, you can have powerful audio tech on your desk top that’s always ready to go for the next video conference meeting.

Best microphones for conference tables and desktops

Table microphones come in a variety of form factors and each has their particular use case. Some are suited for larger boardrooms with many participants, while others focus on plug-and-play portability.

 The A/V experts at Yamaha UC elaborate on the best types of table mics depending on your conferencing needs.

YVC – 100 Wired Microphone & Speaker System

YA_044-5.jpgThe YVC-100 is great table mic entry point for a large variety of use cases thanks to its scalability. Each YVC-100 involves a central speaker unit and up to 3 smart microphone pods that connect to it. By itself this makes it perfect for a home office or an office environment with small to medium huddle and meeting rooms.

However, the YVC-100 table microphone system can also be scaled for rooms that seat over 40 people. This is accomplished by seamlessly daisy chaining additional units together. It’s incredibly intuitive and easy to upgrade your YVC-100 setup based on ever changing needs due to bigger rooms, unique table configurations, or more participants.

The YVC-100 features many aspects of Yamaha UC’s cutting-edge audio technology, such as adaptive echo cancellation that ensures background distractions and voice feedback don’t hamper the video conference experience.

YVC-100 buying options

RM-TT Wired Tabletop Microphone

Omni-Directional.jpgThe RM-TT is a larger table mic with built in speakers and an advanced feature set. It serves as an all-in-one tabletop solution that simply requires one PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) connection to deliver incredible quality audio for medium to large conference rooms. Multiple RM-TT units can be placed on larger conference tables while still maintaining a clean aesthetic and avoiding messy wires. Better yet, the RMT-TT is smart enough to know who the closest speaker is, using voice tracking technology to take your meetings to the next level of audio quality.

The RMT-TT also features the option to change the directional behavior of the built-in microphone system. For example, you can set the table mic to be omnidirectional to better capture a huddle style conversation, or set it to unidirectional for a more fixed seating arrangement.

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ADECIA Wired Tabletop Microphone & Line Array Speaker Solution

The ADECIA Wired Tabletop solution includes a set of line array speakers to deliver the ultimate conference room audio experience. An ADECIA setup comes with a Dante network enabled PoE switch that accurately communicates with each table top mic, as well as other compatible devices such as ceiling microphones.

The powerful line array speakers hold the attention of all conference room attendees, and each participant will enjoy the effects of ADECIA’s automatic voice tracking, noise reduction, reverberation suppression, and other benefits to overall conference audio quality.

The ADECIA tabletop microphone system is a solution for all types of meeting rooms, from small hangout spaces, to large boardrooms and training rooms.

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RM-W Wireless Tabletop Gooseneck Microphone

The RM-W wireless gooseneck microphone is the choice to make if you want ultimate flexibility. Wireless functionality means participants can take their gooseneck mic to wherever they want to be in the conference room without worrying about cables or fixed seating.RM-WGL_z_0004.png

The gooseneck microphone provides impactful voice clarity due to its directional nature and the ability to flex the neck of the mic to the perfect position. The RM-W also includes omnidirectional mic pods for more conversational styles of meetings, where several participants can be heard clearly together around the same pod.

RM-W Gooseneck buying options

Conference room audio solutions by Yamaha UC

Tabletop mics are a great way to improve the effectiveness of meetings and team communication for your workplace or personal office.

Pick the best model for your needs, or check out the rest of our microphone offerings, as well as speech privacy solutions to further improve your conferencing experience.