Office Equipment To Get Your Office Equipped To Meet The Needs Of A Hybrid Workforce

Author: Gina Cunsolo

Office Equipment to Get Your Workplace ‘Hybrid-Equipped’

The COVID-19 pandemic appears to be winding down, and many companies are resuming full operations. As they do, though, they are beginning to realize that employees enjoy working from home, and they’re not willing to give that up. Remote work allowed staffers to save on commuting costs, be more productive and achieve a better work-life balance. Companies benefited as well, discovering increased productivity, improved worker morale, and reduced office expenses.

So as companies ponder ways to return to some semblance of normalcy while retaining the benefits remote work brought, they’re seeking to strike a balance with a hybrid work model. Under the hybrid work model, employees spend two or three days working from the office and spend the rest of their week working from home (or the beach, or wherever they choose).

But while incorporating a hybrid work model can benefit both employee and employer, it’s not as simple as telling workers to come to the office whenever they’re in the mood. For a hybrid model to succeed, companies need to both make plans on how a program will operate and invest in the equipment needed to make things run smoothly. Here are some suggestions on what you’ll need to ensure your office is hybrid-equipped.

Office hoteling software

One of the biggest ways companies cut costs during the pandemic was by letting go of unneeded office space. With many employees working from home, there was no need to maintain space at headquarters.

And while they’ll need to retain space under a hybrid model, the demand won’t be as great as it was pre-pandemic. Only a portion of the staff will be in the office at any one time, and desk space can be shared under a system known as “office hoteling.” Employees planning to come to the office for the day simply reserve the desk space and equipment they need, eliminating the chances of everyone coming to work on the same day and finding out there’s no space available. There are a variety of office hoteling software packages on the market.

Conference room audio solutions

With staff split between those working remotely and those in the office on any particular day, it’s a safe bet that virtual meetings will be a regular part of operations. Webcams and conferencing software will be a regular part of the mix, but there’s one aspect of those meetings that often gets overlooked: audio quality. Anyone who’s participated in more than a few virtual meetings understands the frustration of participating when audio quality is muddy and participants are difficult to understand.

Yamaha Unified Communications offers a variety of products designed to deliver clear, crisp audio for remote conferences. For huddle rooms, there are soundbars and tabletop microphone systems in both wired and wireless varieties. For conference rooms and other large spaces, there are ceiling-mounted microphone systems, those that can handle multiple microphones at once, and systems designed for lecture halls and other large spaces. And if the privacy of conversations is a concern, Yamaha UC offers speech privacy systems that help prevent eavesdropping.

Yamaha has also recently partnered with AVer and Lenovo to release our 3-in-1 Hybrid Room-Ready Solution. The Solution features Yamaha’s ADECIA Ceiling and Line Array Speaker Solution, AVer’s camera, and Lenovo’s ThinkSmart Core + Controller. It covers all the bases - audio, video, and control. The best part? It’s Certified for Microsoft Teams! The ultimate Hybrid Room Ready Solution is available through Synnex.

Speakerphones for conference rooms

Many meetings between those in the office and those working remotely won’t require elaborate conferencing setups and can instead be handled via a conference phone. For spaces such as huddle rooms, for example, Yamaha UC’s YVC-330 Portable USB and Bluetooth Conference Phone can focus on participants while at the same time eliminating background noise from noisy working environments. For medium and large spaces, there’s the YVC-1000 USB Speakerphone & Bluetooth Conference Phone, featuring separate microphone and speaker units for flexibility during audio, web, and video conferencing.

And while discussing office equipment, it’s important not to forget those on the other end of the line: Those working remotely. Many companies are offering a work-from-home stipend that helps provide equipment to ensure the technology in the home office is as good as that in a corporate setting. For those situations, there’s the YVC-200 Personal or Work From Home Speakerphone, designed to offer professional-quality audio while connected to a laptop, phone, or tablet.

These are just a few of the items companies will need to outfit their hybrid work office. For more ideas on outfitting your hybrid office or advice on the best equipment to buy, reach out to one of our experts!

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