Conference Room Cable Management Solutions

Author: Gina Cunsolo

Conference Room Cable Management Solutions

Thanks in part to the global nature of business combined with a dramatic increase in the number of those working remotely, more and more business occurs in the company conference room. It may be a large space with a boardroom table large enough to seat a dozen or more people, or it could be a huddle room designed for just a few people to gather and hash out the details of their latest project.

Because conference rooms are becoming increasingly important in conducting business, companies are paying more and more attention to conference room design. Conference rooms are no longer reminiscent of police station interrogation rooms; instead, many incorporate fashionable furniture and multiple lighting options designed to keep workers happy and productive.

Additionally, conference rooms now incorporate technology ranging from speakerphones to videoconferencing systems to ceiling-mounted speakers, microphones, and much more. Instead of coming in with a pen and paper, attendees are bringing in their laptops to take notes.

And because all this technology requires both connectivity and power, conference rooms run the risk of becoming a rat’s nest of scattered cables. Without a conference room cable management solution, it’s only a matter of time before a piece of equipment, or worse yet, a co-worker, hits the floor because of the tripping hazard created by those cables.

The basics of conference room cable management

Although the best way to accomplish conference room wire management would be to eliminate cables entirely, in many cases that’s just not possible. Consider, for example, management of the laptop power cables crisscrossing the conference table during a meeting, or the power cords from a digital display or audio amplifier.

For those cases, there are a variety of clips and clamps that allow users to route cables along a wall or the underside of a table. Those clips typically incorporate an adhesive on the back, enabling them to be attached nearly anywhere. These clips are also great to use at home if you are struggling to manage wires for a standing desk setup.

Adding a cable sleeve can aslo help keep those cables together and out of the way.

Many conference room tables these days are designed with a port in the center allowing for the easy routing of power cords. There are also add-on power stations that can be mounted in the center of the table, allowing multiple people to plug in at once.

When it comes to routing cables along the floor, a floor cord protector is a great option. These are simply flexible “speed bumps” under which cables can be run, preventing them from becoming a tripping hazard.

The modern solution to conference room wire management

Sometimes the best solution is the most obvious one: Use fewer cables!

When you have a microphone system or video conferencing equipment that only requires a single cable – as is the case with Yamaha UC’s ADECIA family of products – you can avoid the puzzle of messy cables in the conference room altogether.

ADECIA by Yamaha UC is able to minmize the amount of wires to its audio solutions by incorporating a Dante-enabled network, which allows high quality audio to pass over a single Power Over Ethernet (PoE) cable.

Dante stands for Digital Audio Network Through Ethernet. Instead of traditional audio cables, a Dante network transports digital signals via Cat 5e or fiber optic cables. Because data is digital, there’s no deterioration in the quality of audio on a Dante network no matter how far the signal travels.

Dante devices on the same network automatically detect each other, simplifying the task of setting up a new system or making changes to an existing one. There is no need to configure devices; just plug them in and you’re ready to go.

Dante is available in more than 3,000 products from hundreds of manufacturers, including Yamaha Unified Communications. Among those are Yamaha UC’s ADECIA family of products, ranging from Dante-enabled microphone systems to wireless microphone & line array speaker solutions.

Yamaha's Easy Set Up wizards and automatic technologies simplify implementation, device configuration, and room acoustics, satisfying the demand for high-quality wireless audio for office spaces, auditoriums, classrooms, and more. Dante-enabled audio devices are the perfect solution for eliminating cable clutter.

Check out this article from Yamaha UC outlining some of the rules and etiquette regarding conference room behavior. To learn more, reach out to one of our experts.