The Virtual Meeting Platforms Set to Dominate in 2022

Author: Gina Cunsolo


The chances are that just a few years ago, most of us had never participated in a virtual meeting. Thanks in part to the COVID-19 pandemic, though, and the shift to remote work that came in its wake, many of us now participate in a virtual meeting once a week, if not more. Everything from industry trade shows to company birthday celebrations have moved online, and the fatigue, worry, and burnout associated with participating in too many online sessions are recognized as legitimate afflictions affecting remote workers.


The Virtual Meeting Platform Industry 

The virtual meeting platform industry exploded as the pandemic took hold. One of the top platforms saw its user base of companies with ten or more employees increase from 81,900 companies in 4Q19 to 265,400 companies in 1Q2020. Another saw its number of daily active users jump to 115 million in October 2020 from 32 million at the pandemic's start. That figure is now over 145 million daily users.

So as companies make virtual meeting spaces a regular part of their office layout, more and more workers spend at least part of the week doing their jobs from home. The choice of virtual meeting platform is as important as accounting software or office furniture.


The Top Five Virtual Meeting Platforms 



Zoom remains a heavy hitter in the virtual meeting platform space. Meeting hosts can invite anyone to a Zoom meeting by sending an invite link, even if attendees don't have a Zoom account. The free version of Zoom allows users to host meetings of up to 100 people. Paid subscription levels allow for more attendees, cloud storage, recording transcripts, and company branding. Recent figures suggest that Zoom has more than 300 million daily active users.


Considering Zoom’s wide usage, Yamaha saw fit to ensure two of our most popular audio solutions - the YVC-330 Personal Bluetooth Speakerphone and the YVC-1000 Personal Bluetooth Speakerphone and Microphone System - both come Zoom-Certified.


Microsoft Teams

One of the strongest features of Microsoft Teams is its integration with other Microsoft apps. Teams' subscriptions are also included with the various Microsoft 365 subscriptions. The Teams free plan includes video calls, 2 GB of personal cloud storage, and unlimited chat. At the same time, the top-level subscription also has unlimited cloud storage and the ability to host events for 10,000 people.


Yamaha UC has also chosen to partner with Microsoft Teams on our YVC-1000 Personal Bluetooth Speakerphone and Microphone System - the ideal audio solution for medium and large conference rooms.


Google Meet

Google originally developed Google Meet as a platform for enterprise customers but decided to offer it a secure alternative to other platforms as the pandemic took hold. The service was initially provided for just 30 participants, although that's been expanded to 100 participants for the free plan and 250 participants for its top-tier Workspace Business Plus plan. Google Meet integrates with more than 200 apps, including PayPal, Trello, Evernote, Slack, WordPress, and other Google apps, including Calendar, Slides, Gmail, Sheets, and Docs. 



Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex is online meeting software initially designed for businesses. Webex offers five plans, beginning with the free Webex Basic, where users can hold meetings for as long as 50 minutes, with a maximum of 100 participants, while paid plans max out at 200 participants and include 10 GB of cloud storage. The service does require desktop users to download a desktop app or browser plugin to participate in a meeting.



Even though GoToMeeting no longer dominates the video conferencing space, it remains popular with business users. The service gets kudos for its user-friendly interface, features such as polling and "raise a hand," and its end-to-end encryption. Paid plans range from 150 participants for its Professional plan to as many as 3,000 for its custom Enterprise plan. The free version limits the number of participants to three.


Selecting The Right Virtual Meeting Platform

Each of these services, along with the dozens of others on the market, offers unique features that set it apart from others. Take stock of the features you need, compare plans, and pick the one that works best for your situation.

If you need additional advice on the hardware for a superior virtual meeting experience, reach out to the experts at Yamaha Communications. We're here to help!