How to Stay Organized and Productive in a Hybrid Office

Author: Tyler Cox


As employees start to return to offices, many will face the new reality of hybrid working, where some days are spent in the office, and others are spent working from home. Businesses are seeking to continue saving money by cutting down on the amount of office space they need while still maintaining social distance, and workers hope to retain some of the benefits of working from home, including a reduction in commuting time and the savings on gas, parking, and child care expenses.


A hybrid work schedule for those who can do some or all of their job remotely strikes a balance between having everyone be in the office and having the entire team working remotely. Staff still get some of the face-to-face interaction that's crucial for team-building, while also spending part of the week in the home office. The business retains much of the increased office productivity, lower absenteeism, and reduced turnover that allowing employees to work remotely affords. At the same time, workers avoid the anxiety that can occur when they feel disconnected from what's happening at the office.


Still, when not implemented properly, a hybrid work model can often lead to disorganization as individuals adjust to doing their job in two different workspaces. Here are some tips for office workers to help them get the maximum benefit of a hybrid work environment:


Store your work on a cloud drive

Keeping your work on a cloud drive or shared server offers a variety of benefits for a hybrid workforce and is one of the top office productivity hacks. Most importantly, it provides easy access from anywhere to important documents, allowing workers to work on a task from the office one day and pick up where they left off the next day while working from home. A cloud drive also serves as a backup in case of computer failure.


Set up your home office

Having a dedicated home office is essential to productivity. One of the most important productivity tips for working from home is to create a space that gets you into a working state of mind. Setting up a desk with an external monitor and an ergonomic desk chair, located in an area where you won't be disturbed, is an excellent place to start. If that's not feasible, you should at least be able to turn a kitchen table into an impromptu desk. Make it feel as professional and organized as possible.

Simplify your workspace

Many office workers keep various books, manuals, and other documents piled up on and around their desks. If that's you, eliminate those things you haven't used in months or years. Stick it on a bookshelf at home or throw it in the trash. Strive to keep your office workspace and your home workspace as similar as possible. That will help keep you in a ready-to-work frame of mind no matter where you're spending the day. You might even go as far as getting an identical set of cups; one for each space.


Invest in the right technology

Technology is often overlooked in lists of work productivity tips, but it can be critical to the success of the hybrid work model. The right work-from-home tools can, for example, eliminate the stuttering video and muffled audio that comes with participating in an online video conference with equipment that's not up to the task. Encourage employees to invest in equipment that will keep them at the top of their game, or better yet, provide that equipment for them. If they spend much of the day in remote meetings or conference calls, the YVC-200 Personal or Work-From-Home Speakerphone can help keep them in touch no matter where they are working. At the same time, Yamaha UC's YVC-330 Portable USB & Bluetooth Conference Phone is perfect for holding group meetings in shared spaces.


In a hybrid environment, investing in the right technology doesn’t just include remote audio solutions. It’s also important that your in-office audio solutions can provide crystal-clear sound for all employees, whether they’re joining in-person or virtually. The YVC-1000 USB Speakerphone & Bluetooth Conference Phone, certified by Zoom and Teams, is the perfect flexible, scalable solution for a hybrid office. Additionally, the ADECIA solution, featuring ceiling microphones, line array speakers, and tabletop microphones, supports hybrid meetings with multiple participants and provides unmatched sound quality and connection. 


If you're implementing a hybrid work model and need some advice on choosing the technology that's right for you, consult the Yamaha UC experts.