How To Spend the CARES Act Funds Before Your Deadline

Author: Gina Cunsolo

If you work in higher education, or if your role is responsible for education spending, you know that the United States Government passed a few major financial relief packages over the past two years due to financial hardship caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.


You also probably know that the deadline to spend funds provided by the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund, part of the CARES Act, is fast approaching. Higher educational institutions must spend these funds within one year of receipt.


The CARES Act Explained


The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, or CARES Act, was passed by Congress on March 27th, 2020, just as the pandemic began to take hold and many schools shifted to remote learning. The bill allotted a total of $2.2 trillion in economic aid, with $30.2 billion dedicated to creating an Educational Stabilization Fund. $13.2 billion was designated for K-12 schools, and $14 billion was designated for higher education. An additional $3 billion was designated for governors to use at their discretion to support educational institutions in their state.


You may have already spent the majority of this relief funding on updated classroom facilities or technology, summer school, or to support students and their families. You may have spent all of it. Or, you might have a decent amount of money leftover, and are unsure of how to spend it.


If you’re in the last group, you’ve got to figure out how to spend whatever’s left of these relief


How Good Audio Helps Students Learn


Here at Yamaha UC, we’ve always believed that the foundation of educational technology is audio; and that one of the main ways students learn is through hearing. As such, clear audio is the foundation to effective learning and essential to collaborative learning and student achievement - whether in person, remote, or hybrid learning environments.


We are passionate about providing education audio solutions for Distance Learning, Colleges and Universities, and K-12, and continue to support educational organizations through our Dean’s List Discount.


If your college or university school is looking for ways to spend the remaining funds from relief provided by the CARES Act, and is in need of updated classroom audio solutions to make sure students stay engaged, look no further than Yamaha UC. 


Find our recommended education products below! For more information on Education Funding, check out Yamaha UC’s guide to Investing in Technology for the Classroom.

Recommended Yamaha Products

In-Person Classes & Lectures


edu-kit-(1).pngIf your school or university has returned to in-person lectures, and teachers are still using wired mics, it’s time to make a change for the better! Yamaha UC’s Education Wireless Microphone Audio Kit comes in either a single or dual channel model with the ability to select from a variety of mic types. These revolutionary wireless mics give freedom of movement to the speaker, feature voice lift and lecture capture, and are competitively priced at $399 MSRP for single and $499 for dual.


             Remote Learning


Still teaching remotely? Make sure your students can learn and hear you clearly with Yamaha’s YVC-200 Personal Speakerphone. The stylish speakerphone comes in black or white, features USB Connection to your laptop, Adaptive Echo Cancellation, and a rechargeable 10 hour battery, so it’s always ready when you need it.



Need to take the noise cancellation up a notch? Our YVC-330 features SoundCap technology, eliminating background noise within a 3ft range, so you can be confident when teaching remotely. Plus, it’s Zoom certified, and features 3 unidirectional microphones, for huddle rooms or small groups.


                                          Hybrid Education

                                ESB 1090

If your classroom includes both in-person and remote students, you need our ESB 1090. This soundbar features rich sound output, so your in-person students can hear their remote classmates clearly - and can be installed either flat or by wall-mount.



ADECIA is Yamaha UC’s Hybrid Classroom premier audio solution. The ADECIA family of products are easily managed remotely by AV/IT departments, feature lecture capture + lift, can connect to legacy products such as control systems, codecs, speakers, and allow teachers and participants the freedom to move throughout the classroom without sacrificing audio pickup.

For more information about ACECIA, click here.