6 Desk Organization Ideas for Maximum Productivity

Author: Tyler Cox


Office workers are facing a new world in the wake of COVID-19, including operating models that allow them to spend some or all of their week working from a home office. Companies, keen on maintaining the cost savings they were able to achieve when their staff went remote, are actively implementing hybrid work models that have teams working remotely for at least part of the week. Those workers who were able to perform their jobs from home are eager to maintain the freedom and cost savings of minimizing the need to commute to the office.


The business world, though, is all about worker productivity, and if the staff isn't as productive under these new work models, chances are they'll be quickly abandoned. And because workers are overwhelmingly in favor of these hybrid models, anything that helps keep them in place can be a boon to morale.


Maintaining productivity begins with an organized workspace, whether it's at the office or home. With that in mind, here are six office desk organization ideas that can help keep productivity at peak levels:


1. Choose the right space

Although you will be limited in your choice of workspace at the office, you have a bit more freedom when it comes to your home office. A quiet space with a door that can be shut (and locked) can help keep interruptions to a minimum. If you don't have an extra bedroom, clear out a space in the garage or the basement.


2. Consider your desk layout

It may seem obvious, but the layout of your desk can help save time, avoid fatigue, and boost productivity. According to HealthyComputing.com, your monitor should be at eye level and about an arm's length away when sitting back in your chair. For the best in-home desk organization, position items such as the phone, pens, and other frequently used supplies in a way that minimizes the distance required to reach them.


3. Keep personal items to a minimum

Although it can be nice to populate your desk with family pictures or personal knickknacks, they can serve as a distraction. When thinking about how to organize your desk, keep personal items to a minimum. Remember, you're there to work, not reminisce about your last family vacation. Experts recommend keeping no more than three personal items on your desk.


4. Use a storage caddy for office supplies

Most of us use pens, Post-it notes, and paper clips throughout the day, but they can quickly turn into clutter. Buying an inexpensive storage caddy to hold these items can pay dividends when it comes to your work desk organization.


5. Store lesser-used items elsewhere

If it's a reference book, manual, or file folder that you only use once or twice a month, keep it on a bookshelf or in a file cabinet. Keeping the number of items on your desk to a minimum not only helps keep you productive by giving you plenty of room to work but helps improve your home office organization as well by keeping items tucked away when not in use.


6. Have the right technology

These days, the technology we use is a significant contributor to our productivity, and tech that's adequate for home use may not be sufficient for business use. If you're going to spend part of the week in your home office, consider investing in the right technology. Yamaha Unified Communications offers a variety of conference phones, microphones, and audio solutions that will keep any home office humming.


If you're seeking to maximize your productivity or that of your workers and need some advice on choosing the work from home technology that's right for you, consult the Yamaha UC experts. We're here to help!