How to Keep Yourself Accountable While Working Remotely

Author: Tyler Cox


The ability to work remotely offers a host of benefits compared to coming into the corporate office. There’s no commute. We can wake up 15 minutes before we’re supposed to be at work and still be on time, we can wear whatever we want, and we don’t have to worry about having the boss look over our shoulder.


Remote work has become so popular that several studies show that many employees would like to continue working remotely even after pandemic-related restrictions have been lifted.


Still,  it’s important to remember that just as we face accountability in the workplace, we’re accountable to our employer when working from home. Working remotely involves self-discipline, and spending one’s day watching talk shows instead of working is a sure way to become unemployed.


To help remote workers stay productive (and employed), we’ve compiled a few tips on fostering work-from-home accountability.yamaha uc bluetooth speakerphone



Yamaha Unified Communications specializes in communication tools for the workplace. Along with that, we’ve gathered ideas on setting up your home workspace and tips for staying on-task while working remotely. These include establishing a routine and investing in the tools you’ll need to remain productive. One of these tools, as shown in this image, is Yamaha's YVC-200 Bluetooth Speakerphone. This is a fantastic audio solution for employees working from home.


It may sound harsh, but if you’re wasting time or attending to personal business while getting paid, you’re cheating your employer. Make sure others in the house know to keep interruptions to a minimum. Employers expect accountability at work, whether you’re doing your job from home or the office.



One of the easiest ways of addressing the challenge of focusing when working from home is to set clear daily, weekly and monthly goals. That can be an effective strategy even when faced with a large, complicated project. Break it down into easy-to-accomplish chunks, and keep on schedule. As the old saying goes, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”yamaha working from home



Something else that can be incredibly frustrating is to feel as if you’re putting in your all to a task, only to be told by your employer that you’re performing below expectations. Discuss expectations frequently, and make sure you’re both on the same page about what they expect and what you can reasonably deliver.



Few things are more upsetting than realizing we’ve forgotten to accomplish a critical task. In most cases, that occurs because we’ve tried to maintain a list of those tasks in our memory. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of software tools on the market that can show workers how to schedule tasks and track productivity while working from home. Do a bit of research and invest in the one that works for you. Not only can such a tool help you stay on track, but it can also help demonstrate to your employer how you’re spending your day and what you’re getting accomplished.


The increased reliance on remote work has changed the business landscape, and those who can navigate that landscape will be the ones with the self-discipline to stay on task and remain productive. Remote work isn’t for everyone, but keeping yourself accountable will improve your chances of success and your career prospects along with it.