Don’t Bore Us, Get to the Chorus! Easy-to-use Conferencing Systems for Your Teams

Author: Jason Pavao


It wouldn’t be a Yamaha post without a reference to music so forgive me for that intro.  The chorus is the good stuff.  You may not know every line of “that” song, but if it’s popular enough, we all can sing the chorus.
At Yamaha Unified Communications, we want to focus on the chorus.  I’ve been driving for more decades than I care to count (has it really been that many years?), but if you asked me what goes into starting a car in any meaningful way I would have no idea.
I turn the key and the car starts.  That is most of our interaction with a vehicle.  It’s simple and it is the same regardless of vehicle.  That’s the chorus folks.
Yamaha Unified Communications is the chorus. 
Acoustic Echo Cancelation.  Dereverberation.  Noise Reduction.  Those are the deep cuts of the YUC family.  Our products all have it.  It provides a great experience. 
Now tell your customers that.  I’ll wait...
How did it go?  From personal experience I can say that describing it to the person who will use it has no true grasp of what this means.  Even if the end user doesn’t get the nuances of audio, they fundamentally know what it should sound like, and as long as it performs that way, that's all that matters.
So, what is the “chorus”?  How do you distinguish yourself?  To set yourself apart you need to be distinct. 
Yamaha dedicated an incredible amount of time and engineering resources to the ADECIA line. Over 130 years in fact! All of the lessons and research in sound throughout Yamaha's history goes into the products and technology that we build today. It is an engineering achievement that I personally am impressed with on a regular basis.
ADECIA sounds great.  ADECIA is plug and play. ADECIA has unique technologies that make installation and use extremely easy.
ADECIA is the chorus. 
The end user wants to turn the key and drive. Let them!