Author: Laura Madaio

Though different products support different use cases, collaboration solutions should be designed to power hybrid work environments and empower remote workers, teachers, learners, collaborators and creatives alike. But, more important than ever, these hardware technologies need to make lives easier.

With increased remote and hybrid working and learning environments, technology challenges are top of mind for employees and employers alike.  As organizations begin to make more serious, tough decisions and long-term investments, one important factoid to keep in mind is this: better functioning technology makes for less stress.

Lack of functionality is a problem for employees everywhere. Last year, even before the COVID-19 pandemic had hit, Avaya asked team members what they disliked about their communication devices; poor audio quality was the top issue (33%). 

After the COVID-19 pandemic hit, companies began to see first-hand that flexible working is a must-have. Around 84% of IT managers say that mobility is now crucial for their teams.

We’ve outlined the Yamaha Unified Communications products designed not just for easy collaboration, but for easy set-up and flexibility in 2021 and beyond.

YVC-200 Personal Speakerphone

Take important calls wherever, whenever with this personal speakerphone, designed to offer professional-quality audio while connected to a laptop, phone or tablet. A cinch to use, this smart device is the perfect solution to suit any hybrid or remote working team.

Set up: 1 USB cable plug-and-play – USB, Bluetooth & NFC
Power: Battery + recharge or power thru USB

Key Features:

  • Portable for on-the-go with 10-hour talk time

  • Agnostic with all video conferencing software

  • Constant environment scanning DSP for uninterrupted conversation

  • Perfect for hybrid education, personal office use, travel and working from home

  • A headset jack allows for private listening and the option to enjoy music through the unit between calls

“I received this as a gift from my husband when setting up teletherapy for my speech therapy practice. He gave me the white one, which is really attractive on my desk. I don't think I have ever seen a white desktop speaker before! Use of headphones is highly recommended for providing speech therapy services due to the need for clarity. However, I was concerned about the children I work with being distracted by seeing me wear them on video. Also, I find headphones uncomfortable when worn for an extended period of time. The YVC200 has solved this problem for me. Not only can my clients hear me well, the audio from the speaker is way better than the speaker from my PC.”

YVC-330 USB & Bluetooth Conference Phone

With Yamaha’s SoundCap technology, this speakerphone focuses on participants close to the unit, eliminating background noise from nearly any working environment, allowing remote participants on the other end of the call to focus on the conversation. Most importantly, the intelligent YVC-330 speakerphone delivers frictionless deployment.

Set up: 1 USB cable plug-and-play – USB, Bluetooth & NFC
Power: Power over USB

Key Features:

  • Takes working or learning from home and turns it into a stress-free workspace

  • Self-silencer and volume balancer

  • Scalable for returning to the office (daisy-chain two together to cover a bigger space with more active participants)

  • Zoom certified

  • Perfect for hybrid education, work from home and small to medium size conference rooms

“I’ve been using the Yamaha YVC-330 conference phone for the past six months now. It has great sound quality on the far and near end, and it works seamlessly with Zoom,” said Dave Lewis, Channel Account Manager at Zoom. “It was extremely easy to install, and I love the large control buttons on the front of the device as well as the modern design. There’s no need to use a headset anymore. It gives me a ton of flexibility around my workspace. I highly recommend the Yamaha YVC-330 to my partners, colleagues, and end customers.”

YVC-1000 USB Speakerphone & Bluetooth Conference Phone

Ideal for medium and large spaces, this intuitive communications system features separate microphone and speaker units for flexibility during audio, web, and video conferencing.

Set up: Plug to wall, USB cable to laptop, Cat5 cable to mic, ability to daisy chain more mics vis Cat5– USB, Bluetooth & NFC
Power: Plug

Key Features:

  • The most versatile and scalable plug-n-play audio solution

  • Zoom certified

  • Helps practice social distancing guidelines while capturing a large room with active participants

  • Can daisy-chain up to five mic pods for full coverage (within each mic pod is 3 individual mics--a total of 15 microphones!)

  • Scalable with the add-on ability of either extra speakers, or a personal microphone

  • Auto-tunes to your specific room size and mic locations

  • Human Voice Activity Detection

  • Perfect for education, collaboration spaces, and small, medium and large conference rooms

“We first tested the YVC-1000 in our shop where we have this big fan. When we turn that fan on, it gets really noisy. The YVC-100 cancelled it out. I didn't expect a fan right next to a mic to be able to cancel out that level of noise.”


The ESB-1090 Enterprise Sound Bar integrates the audio from video collaboration to create an immersive feeling for conference rooms. The compact, elegant design also makes it the ideal solution for a range of spaces, such as enterprise, conference rooms, town hall/open areas, classrooms and lobby areas.

Set up: Plug to wall, connectivity options: HDMI®, Bluetooth, optical & analogue audio
Power: Plug

Key Features:

  • Easy, flexible set-up for any use case; can be wall-mounted, via its built-in keyholes, placed on a cabinet, shelf, tripod or cart

  • Immersive feeling with clear, dynamic, full-range speaker output

  • Conference mode’ preset optimized for conversation

  • Zoom certified

  • Integrates easily with any monitor, mobile or PC device

  • Compact and elegant design

  • Two built-in subwoofers and bass-reflex port, Two dome tweeters and two woofers

  • Built-in gyroscope to optimize sound automatically whether positioned vertically or flat


Audio quality plays a critical role in facilitating communication with students. With tools to enhance classroom audio, students have shown improved attention, increased classroom participation, fewer discipline issues and improved academic success.
Virtual learning relies on UC software, and flexible, agnostic technology can be a game-changer for educators and students alike. Whether online, hybrid or in the classroom, The Yamaha Education Kit is the perfect solutions for the education space.

Set up: Plug to wall, USB dongle to laptop, two analog cables to USB dongle
Power: Plug 

Key Features:

  • Wireless flexibility

  • Highest quality audio pick-up

  • Easy transition from office to classroom

  • Lecture and audience capture

  • Voice lift enabled

  • Software agnostic (Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, Webex, etc.)

“Because of the microphone system’s ‘get-up-and-go’ functionality, user interaction with the entire system is very minimal. As a result, our lecturers can now concentrate on their presentations to students without wasting any time distracted by the setup or operation of audio recording equipment.”

Consider these takeaways from research performed by Dell Technologies in collaboration with EMOTIV, the global leader in portable brain sensing technologies and consumer neuroscience:

  • Employees can achieve an astounding 37 percent more in a workday when using technology that is not only newer but supported with the correct software and services

  • For every hour worked, good tech can save employees 23 minutes per hour or fifteen hours in a 40-hour work week. (How is that for a benefit to the bottom line!)

  • A bad technology experience impedes employee performance by more than 30 percent on average, regardless of a user’s perceived computer literacy

  • Younger Millennials and Gen Zers (those surveyed under the age of 26), were most impacted by a bad tech experience, performing twice as poorly as older participants in the study

It’s more important than ever to provide employees with solid, high functioning technology. Regardless of industry, the productivity, stress-levels and performance of employees and teams matter to all leaders and organizations. 

In order to manage these priorities, reducing friction and arming individuals and teams with seamless technology is non-negotiable. 

Yamaha makes these types of decisions and deployments even easier by being mostly hands-free, software agnostic with all video conferencing platforms, and offering a multitude of demo, try and buy, and education discount programs. 

Speaking of easy to install products, check out our ADECIA solution!