ADECIA – A Full Audio Collaboration Solution for Education

Author: Tyler Cox

Classrooms look unfamiliar to some of us these days. Desks are 6 feet apart for social distancing guidelines; some even with dividers between them. Schools have had to adapt to different methods of teaching while still ensuring students are getting an enriching education experience. Are they doing in person classes? Hybrid learning, with some students at home and others in the classroom? Or are they strictly virtual? No matter the learning room setup, one thing is for certain: efficiency in audio is a necessity when it comes to having productive, engaged and learning virtual experience.

Yamaha Unified Communications’ new ADECIA solution was designed to work seamlessly together to reduce set up time, costs and complexities and is a perfect solution for virtual and hybrid classrooms. It helps overcome any environment challenges with implementation, configuration and room acoustics by providing all components required for a successful installation.

With today’s uncertainty, education needs a simple yet effective solution that can help both teachers and students run a stress-free virtual class. Let’s take a dive into how ADECIA can help hybrid learning go further than ever imagined.

The Advantages of ADECIA in Education


With many schools thrown into this new need for technology, an easy-to-implement solution is ideal. One key strength of ADECIA is its implementation. The ceiling microphone has multiple options for installation: a direct ceiling mount, wire hanging or a VESA mount. Installing and putting up a full room collaboration solution has never been easier. After the install, the configuration is pretty automatic. It will auto-detect installed components, auto-configure the devices into coherent solutions and auto-optimizing audio performance for room audio environment. A quick three step process and you’re good to go.



This technology is what makes ADECIA so unique. There is no programming of fixed lobes based on your room and the furniture or equipment that’s in there. ADECIA has narrow, tracking beams that utilize Yamaha’s Human Voice Activity Detection (HVAD) to capture the audio no matter where you are within the room. This means that multiple participants can be picked up with no worry about microphone placement. It also ensures that there are no dead zones.

To keep a classroom engaged and having your students participating both the near and far end students need to hear what’s happening. These beam arrays create that while using our noise reduction, dereverberation and automatic gain control technologies. Teachers can roam freely throughout the room to engage both in-person and online participants equally. The system can also capture student participation for a more natural experience.


When teaching in a hybrid space you have students participating from both classroom and home. Another bonus to this full solution is the VXL Line Array Speakers. The term “line-array” is used to describe a speaker system having multiple speaker units with the same characteristics arranged vertically to emulate a linear acoustical source. Without getting too technical, this means that the volume level in the meeting room stays closer to constant independent on how far from the loudspeaker you are. If you’re in the front of the room it won’t sound like you’re at an AC/DC concert and if you’re far back it won’t sound like whispering. Frequency response and internal equalization of the loudspeakers make them shine when listening to human speech. Adding the beamforming microphones with these line array speakers creates an involved classroom whether you’re in the room or not.



ADECIA is equipped to cover most small-large classrooms. However, if you have an even larger room, you can scale the system to add an additional ceiling microphone for more coverage.
The AV and UC industry has moved mountains throughout our school systems over the past year and ADECIA is the game changing, full collaboration solution we have all been waiting for. With a simple setup and everything you need all together; you can’t ask for much more. Ensuring that everybody remotely is heard because of a full classroom microphone pickup; while the classroom hears everybody due to the line array speakers this solution does it all. It even connects directly into whatever UC application you are using for your hybrid learning. With giving the teachers and students the freedom of movement throughout the room without sacrificing audio pickup, ADECIA is a guaranteed winner for any education system in need of high-quality audio that doesn’t break the bank.

For new solutions sometimes it’s easier to hear and see the product in action. Learn how the auto-configuration works, understand ways to install it and see a virtual demo of it in action. All you have to do is check out our full ADECIA solution library on YouTube here.