Use it or Lose it—What to Spend your Remaining 2021 Budget On

Author: Laura Madaio

In the coming months, operational decisions will be critical when it comes to use-it-or-lose-it funds. Depending on the industry, the unknowns of the future has made forecasting challenging.  
But one thing is true for almost all organizations right now: remaining budgets need to either be used up for essential purchases or if possible, carried over to alleviate the risk of potential future losses. 

When it comes to dealing with budgetary challenges or making the most out of your remaining funds in this unprecedented COVID era, it’s becoming more and more apparent that organizations need to prioritize purchases surrounding IT and AV needs.  
Yamaha Unified Communications, in conjunction with many of its loyal partners, has put together a list of products to invest remaining budget in that is relevant to setting up 2021 for success. 


YVC-200 Portable USB + Bluetooth Speakerphone 
It’s been a tough year, and workers (remote and non) could use a reminder of their employers’ Capture-(2).PNGappreciation. What types of gifts can better connect workers to each other and the organization,
teachers to their students, or physicians to their patients, then ones that enhance collaboration? 

Yamaha’s popular YVC-200 portable speakerphone made its way across Barstool Sports’ offices , through the travels and stories of Instagram influencers and YouTube Bloggers, in the homes of high-powered executives, sales account executives, and even speech therapists.

YVC-1000 Mic & Speaker System 
Ideal for medium and large spaces, this intuitive communications system from Yamaha features separate microphone and speaker units for flexibility during audio, web, and video conferencing. Zoom certified with YA_021_retouched.jpgbuilt-in automatic auto-tuning measures, the YVC-1000 is helping offices and classrooms transition to COVID-friendly workplace protocols by automatically analyzing the room environments, adjusting acoustic settings to the optimal levels, and utilizing automatic system warnings to help with poor microphone placement.
The device also includes adaptive echo cancellation and human voice activity detection (HVAD), minimizes background noise and facilitates natural, stress-free conversation for every call or meeting. It’s a great, lower cost alternative for an installed solution—and can be set up easily by virtually anyone.  


Video conferencing is the heartbeat of business collaboration. As a global technology leader that develops networked visualization solutions for the entertainment, enterprise and healthcare markets,Barco has stressed the need for employers to invest in technology-driven workplaces redesigned for better hybrid meetings. 
Barco’s ClickShare Conference shares the apps from your laptop wirelessly on the room display and connects them to the camera and speakers in the room for better hybrid meetings and classrooms, solving the need for meeting technologies to facilitate more connectivity between physical and virtual participants in future. 

Any video conference can be supported with a Barco CX and a UC product from Yamaha. Need to update your classroom? Try a CX and UC 1000 to power any classroom with video conferencing capabilities. 


Right now, conference cameras are being used in and out of the house to record video, host online meetings, hc-eptz-usb-front-cut-out.pngand even for live streaming events. Luckily, all HuddleCamHD cameras are easy to connect by USB and easy-to-use use for almost any video related project.  
Two of HuddleCamHD’s products are great webcam options for your budget, as these webcams have been designed to include features that you will find in much more expensive webcams at a price that anyone can afford. 
The HuddleCamHD® Webcam features a stunning wide angle 104° field of view and a USB 2.0 video HC-WEBCAM-94-front-(1).pngconnection, making this webcam ideal for virtually any meeting software. While the HC Pro, their ePTZ/auto-framing webcam, can pan, tilt and zoom in beautiful 4k video.
Easily paired with any Yamaha UC device, and designed with a wide variety of portable and small room conferencing setups in mind, this combo brings all you need for a better collaboration experience. 


AV Agent’s mission is simple: to simplify and streamline audio/visual deployments for businesses and integration partners. 
AV Agent’s partnered with Yamaha this year to develop and manufacture specific products to improve deployments and reduce maintenance costs. If you’re investing in a Yamaha product, look no further for custom mounts to help with a simple deployment for your office return.  

In Summary

The need for rapid digital transformation in all industries has been top of mind for employers, leadership and decision makers for years, but due to the COVID pandemic, has been prioritized like never before.  

Technology, inclusivity and flexibility must be improved across all teams, all forms of communication and collaboration for organizations to not only function but thrive in the current climate and beyond. 
Whether you’re utilizing your end-of-year budget or planning for next year’s, be sure to keep these IT and AV-focused solutions in mind to keep your organization connected no matter where they are.