Tyler's Trending Tuesday - Week 12: AV Partnerships

Author: Tyler Cox



For many months now, we continue to hear about how everyone has had to adapt and pivot to this “new normal”. Whether it be companies learning how to have a full workforce working from home or our school systems learning how to keep our education system efficient in a new virtual world. But one of the biggest trends that continues to make everyone’s “adaptation” easier is companies working together. In the AV world it has always been competitive to try and have the best solution out there or the most affordable devices for certain industries. But now partnerships are being created, and we are helping shape the future of how we collaborate, work, educate and so much more. One of the greatest things to come out of this pandemic is that our industry is listening to what our customers need and working together to bring these solutions to them.


It’s plain and simple. Our industry is coming together and working as one. The future of the workplace, education, healthcare and beyond has officially changed and now more than ever companies in both AV and IT are realizing that we can create success by working with one another. It’s been amazing to watch certain companies grow faster than ever, but also adapting to what customers need. And there is not going to be one company that can take care of everything, which is why new partnerships are happening.

We at Yamaha Unified Communications can take care of audio and video, but also know that our customers will need other solutions to be efficient and collaborative. And we are not the only company in the industry doing this. Everyone is partnering up to put together bundles, collaboration solutions and setting up options for specific needs. This is how we will continue to meet the needs of our end users and hopefully change how the companies within our industry work together for the better.



Right now, we have Four Zoom certified products and continuing to add onto that number as Zoomtopia approaches next month. As well as the rest of our product line all compatible with Zoom.


Barco and Yamaha UC have had a long relationship together and now we are taking it to the next level. We have multiple products that go hand in hand with Barco’s Clickshare technology. Knocking out two birds with one stone. Helping make collaboration easier for end users no matter where their next meeting is going to be. Not only are Barco and Yamaha UC working together, but we have added two other large names to help solve any and all needs for future spaces. LG & Huddly have joined us. You can check out more about this four-company partnership here: https://uc.yamaha.com/getmedia/2c0a1aa4-cd72-4133-be4f-e68dc770bba1/Four-Trusted-brands.aspx

Dan Freeman, CEO and Founder of VDO360, has changed the game for affordable and high-quality video cameras. We have partnered with them to create an “Own Your Anywhere” bundle that includes the 1SEE camera and the Yamaha YVC-200. You can get your very own here: https://www.almoproav.com/productdetails/YAMMAP/YVC2001C-B

We have created an affordable and best in class bundle that is continuously selling out for both WFH and education.


Huddly and Yamaha have been working together for a couple years now and once quarantine hit we put together a bundle that brings together the Huddly Go and YVC-200. Perfect for work from home and education as well. This is on top of the collaboration kit that we have with the Huddly IQ and ESB-1080 Soundbar that works in small to medium size boardrooms. This partnership continues to grow as we hear more feedback from our customers on what they need in today’s “working environment”.

WFH Kit: https://proavoutfitters.starin.biz/pricing.php?cat=All&page=1&pagesize=50&item=WFHK1
Collaboration Kit: https://uc.yamaha.com/products/video-sound-bar/collaboration-kit/

As stated at the beginning, now is the time for companies to be working together to help provide easy solutions in this ever-changing environment. That’s why we partnered with Sharp Electronics to create a “Remote Concierge Station Solution”. This allows for safe and healthy ways to interact with guests at the front desk in lobbies.

These past seven months have been a wild ride, but we’ve been able to listen to what our customers need and provide them with valuable options for each individual situation. But we would not be able to have done that by ourselves. It’s due to our partnerships and continued creativity working together. We are very excited to see where the next seven months take us and watch our industry innovate and create!