Yamaha UC & Education - The Importance of Classroom Audio

Author: Tyler Cox

“Superior audio experiences foster inclusion, improved focus and knowledge retention regardless of where learning takes place.”– Rob Arnold, Program Manager of Unified Communications and Collaboration at Frost & Sullivan

It has been a crazy year for our education system. Adapting to this new age of virtual learning and transitioning to new classroom environments has not been a simple task. Yamaha Unified Communications has been committed to providing solutions to aid in creating efficient “classrooms” for all. Whether it be in person, hybrid or fully virtual, we have options for all spaces and setups. We’ve highlighted a variety of our products that have been used for classroom audio over the past months.  



Our HD Single wireless microphone is perfect for both voice lift and lecture capture for recorded sessions. This product has been a big hit for teachers in all environments with our wireless, lapel-style microphone The combo allows the lecturer freedom of movement should they want to move about the room or utilize tools like a whiteboard or lab space to present. This solution can also be utilized for virtual sessions instead of a headset. With our USB Audio Kit, turn the product into a plug-and-play solution that’s agnostic with your chosen videoconference software. A lapel microphone is often preferred over a headset to enhance the appearance in the video, or to avoid the pressure on the ears it can cause.  



This personal speakerphone allows for learning to happen wherever and whenever. Great for interactive learning sessions, it can be connected directly to your computer with USB or to your phone/tablet through Bluetooth or NFC.  The YVC-200 has automatic and dynamic DSP technologies to help transmit audio in the clearest format, ensuring lectures are clearly heard and understoodThe speakerphone formfactor provides an improved appearance on video, freedom of movement and no pressure on the ears that a headset can sometimes createWith a 10 hour talk time, the YVC-200 does it all in a compact device that creates high quality audio.  



This Zoom-certified USB & Bluetooth speakerphone takes portability and crisp audio to another level. The YVC-330 uses patented SoundCap technology to capture the human voice while eliminating background noise. This allows for participants on both ends of the call to have great audio and keep full engagement. It also has self-silence technology and a self-volume balancer to automatically adjust to surrounding noise levels. This is a plug and play solution can help turn a noisy or chaotic environment (a full household, for example) into an efficient learning space 

“Modern and future education will be founded on student engagement wherever learning takes place. In the recent exponential growth in adoption of online learning technologies, video and content have played a pivotal role in teacher-student connection, yet audio has been taken for granted and the benefits of high-quality audio have been greatly overlooked.” Rob Arnold, Program Manager of Unified Communications and Collaboration at Frost & Sullivan


YVC-1000 MIC & SPEAKER SYSTEMYVC-1000-Distance-Learning.jpg

Whether in person, hybrid and virtual, the YVC-1000 has the versatility and scalability to be an option for any type of learning environment. If audience participation in the classroom is important to the lecture, add this system to capture student commentary by placing microphones throughout the room. Scalable to daisy-chain 5 mic pods together capturing an audience of up to 40, it also helps in following new social distancing guidelinesIf placing in a larger room, you can also add two external monitor speakers and a wearable lapel microphone for the teacher/presenter. Perfect for capturing both lecturer and students, this intelligent device creates an easy-to-use, plug-and-play environment. Don’t just take our word for it, see how the YVC-1000 helped Willamette University transition their spaces to hybrid classrooms. 



An out-of-the-box, plug-and-play, wireless system that doesn’t take an AV/IT pro to set up makes audio a lot easier and quicker to implement for transitioning classrooms. This solution comes with directional + wearable or gooseneck wireless mics that can be placed throughout a classroom to help keep teachers and students stay socially distanced while still capturing all commentary. It is rare to find a wireless solution that doesn’t need a full technical install. That’s exactly why the YAI-1 is here. Easy to use and perfect for most in classroom audio situations.  



This wireless microphone system allows you to pick and choose from a variety of microphone types (tabletop, wearable, gooseneck, etc.) to customize your education set up. The rechargeable, wireless design allows for easy and changeable set ups. Easy to clean and helps follow social distancing guidelines as well. It also allows for remote IT management for added system support. Perfect for capturing, recording or amplifying your classroom audio.  

Don’t let audio be left behind while evaluating your education spaces. Audio is the driving force behind successful, efficient and engaging classrooms, no matter what the situation. If you need more information or insights into what’s best for your needs, reach out to your Yamaha rep today to schedule a demo or deep dive on all our products.