Tyler's Trending Tuesday - Week 11: The Future of AV

Author: Tyler Cox



I think that one of the biggest trends that almost all manufacturers, resellers, distributors and integrators are realizing is that now is the most important time in history of the AV industry to develop and recreate the future of both conferencing and virtual interactions. Through hardware and software, we are finding new ways to capture real life interactions as though we are all back in the office together. Companies are pushing office reopening’s to July 2021 and some even making it a possibility for their employees to work from home forever. Our day to day meetings and team collaborations are made possible through agnostic solutions that are allowing us to all work on different platforms. We must continue adapt to every changing needs of our end customers, including this week’s trends!



I have been following “Education Week” and their updates on school reopening’s and the data is quickly moving towards remote learning only, which allows our industry to step in and be the helping hand. As of August 6th:

“17 of the 20 largest school districts are choosing remote learning only as their back-to-school instructional model, affecting over 4 million students.”

That is just a number on the 20 largest school districts. If you click here you can see a list of over 400 schools and their district reopening plans. If just 20 of the largest affects, 4 million. The list shows that millions more will need equipment for both students and teachers for virtual or hybrid models. Below is the type of reopening plan options they are choosing from:
  • Remote learning only—no in-person instruction. May include exceptions for special populations of students.
  • Hybrid/Partial—limited, in-person reopening. May include modifications such as social distancing and student capacity limits.
  • Full in-person available for all students—full-time, in-person instruction is either the return to school model or an option for all students.
  • Undecided
Products from Yamaha UC that are agnostic and can help ease the pain for education systems:
  • YVC-200: Portable bluetooth/USB speakerphone. Perfect for working from ANYWHERE!
  • YVC-330: USB speakerphone with SoundCap technology. Perfect for working from ANYWHERE!
  • EDUCATION KIT: Wireless microphone, plug n play system. Ideal for remote lecture capture and interactive learning online

We all know what the NOW consists of for us and even that can be a broad statement as things change every 24 hours, but what can we be prepared for in the future? What should our focus be and why? I was able to catch a quick recap of an interview with Mersive, Founder & CTO, Cristopher Jaynes, where he says:

“We’re about to see things change in ways we would have only dreamed about in the past. I believe this because, historically, there are really two types of inventions – those that are almost accidental leaps and those that arise from great need and force of will. But in reality, many of our best inventions come when we are forced, through major disruption, to come up with solutions at all costs to some very hard problems. These types of inventions require focus, an absolute need to change things quickly in response to challenges.”

Another great point that Cristopher speaks of is touchless rooms and video conferencing for everyone/in every room. At a certain point in the past (less than a year ago) we jam packed folks into a huge conference room with million-dollar buildouts. Now what we need is this “touchless AV” and agnostic solutions for video that are not a high price value, but with great quality.

“The room camera, audio, display, and furniture should be there for me without forcing a choice.  We also need a cost structure that makes it feasible to put a camera system in every space – huddle rooms, lounges, and transitional hallways even so I can reach my colleagues at any time. Enterprise will look for ways to replace those 50 dedicated video rooms with 500 simpler, multipurpose spaces that are video capable. Look for innovation here.” – Cristopher Jaynes

To create a seamless and fully accessible virtual lifestyle for both work and home we will need to intertwine AV & IT. Create a marriage between these two so that the innovations we are coming up with from a hardware perspective can integrate together with IT solutions and SaaS. We’ve seen Hardware as a Service (Haas) becoming popular as well. Now we get to take a step out of the time of dinosaurs and bring out the technology that we in our industry know can take leaps to make our lives easier and more efficient. I, for one, am very excited for the future of the AV industry.

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