How to Pick Names for Conference Rooms


In a modern office, conference rooms and huddle rooms allow you to break away from the open floor plan, so you can host meetings in private. A larger office building may have dozens of conference rooms across multiple floors. That's why it's so important to create memorable names for each room, tied together with a fun or inspiring theme. With the right naming scheme, you'll encourage more collaboration and improve your company culture. In this handy guide, we've outlined how to come up with conference room names for your business, so your employees feel connected with the space and they can remember rooms more easily. 

The Process of Picking Names

It may seem simple, but naming conference rooms can improve employee happiness and morale in an otherwise predictable office environment. This is especially true when employees are asked for naming suggestions. Even a small amount of office polling can empower employees to be creative and come up with witty ideas. 

First, we recommend getting the executives on the same page when it comes to the naming process. Then, you can ask every employee to vote on their favorite themes, and submit conference room names within those themes. You can use a simple survey tool like SurveyMonkey to collect employee submissions and narrow down the results. 

Finding Inspiration

Now, voting on themes is easy enough, but how will your office come up with inspiring themes in the first place? To start, we recommend picking themes that reflect your company's mission statement, local landmarks, or top employee hobbies. For instance, if your business is located in Los Angeles, you might want to name your conference rooms after famous Hollywood landmarks, taco puns named after celebrities, or the team's favorite beaches. Feel free to get weird with the themes and inject humor into the names! There's something undeniably great about booking an important meeting at "Al Pacino Pastor", instead of "Conference Room 6". 

Ultimately, your conference room names should be unified around an original theme that works with the company identity and feels meaningful to your employees. Themes can revolve around nature, superheroes, fancy cocktails, music genres, or virtually anything else!

Fun fact: At our US headquarters, our conference rooms are named after some of our favorite, local vacation spots — including Cape Cod, New Hampshire, and Maine.

Tying Names into the Conference Room Design

Designing an effective conference room requires a multi-faceted approach, and your conference room naming theme can tie into your building's layout as well. For instance, if your building has multiple floors, you might want to choose a distinct theme for each. This will allow employees to know which floor their meeting is on at a glance. 

Meanwhile, the shape and layout of different conference rooms can also inform their names. Going back to the Hollywood theme, the largest conference room in the office might be "Marilyn Monroe", while the smaller huddle rooms could be named after B-list celebrities. If a room has an interesting shape — like a long hall or an oval — you can choose a name that evokes the room as well.

Likewise, you should select themes that are broad enough where if your company grew, you wouldn't run out of conference room naming ideas. When choosing themes, you should also consider how the conference room names would be perceived by an outside visitor. Does the name reflect your company's standards, priorities, and overall style? For example, a buttoned-up company is better off selecting names with less humor and absurdity, while a playful startup should embrace their youthful perspective and charm. 

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