7 Things You Might Find on A Modern Conference Room Table


What makes a conference room more "productive?” How do employees feel more empowered to focus on their projects and collaborate with less friction? At a minimum, the space should be laid out in a way that encourages communication and sharing. Likewise, you should stock the room with the essential items that you'll need for effective meetings. 

In this practical guide, we've shared 7 common things that you might find on a modern conference room table. These items will improve your team's conferencing experience in subtle and significant ways. 

Remote & Wireless Keyboard 
If you're hosting a presentation or running a video conference, it's so convenient to have a remote control and wireless keyboard at the ready. Offered with many wireless conferencing systems, a remote control allows you to adjust microphone input volumes, record audio, and much more. Some conference rooms also invest in a remote control for the computer, so that users can quickly switch slides during a presentation. Meanwhile, a modern conference room table should also have a Bluetooth keyboard (and possibly a wireless mouse) for navigating applications and websites. 

When you need to amplify a phone call so that the entire room can listen and contribute ideas, a speakerphone is absolutely essential. These compact devices capture rich, 360° audio and use digital signal processing (DSP) to optimize the signal for human voices. With a portable solution like the YVC-330, you'll have a vastly improved conferencing experience than putting your smartphone on "Speaker" mode. Every facet of a conferencing speakerphone is designed for clear communication.  

Wireless Microphones
If you’re in a larger environment, a modern conference room should definitely have a few wireless microphones. These portable devices are designed for easy mobility, so a presenter can walk around the conference room while speaking. You can also find robust wireless microphone systems for the conference room table, which clear up clutter by eliminating pesky wires. They deliver HD sound across multiple channels, allowing for effortless communication in a large group setting. 

Dry Erase Markers 
It might be a no-brainer, but dry erase markers are essential for sharing important points in a quick and effective way. If you’re not using a smart-touch display, a large whiteboard or glass surface creates a blank canvas to take notes and suggestions from the team. You can outline next steps for a project, teach new concepts, and illustrate ideas. And if you make a mistake, just take out an eraser and start from scratch. 

Fidget Toys 
There's nothing quite like a fidget toy to help focus on a conference and keep your hands busy at the same time. Essentially, these toys allow you to expel your nervous energy by doing a repetitive motion, so that you can concentrate on a task or conversation. They're also a great tool for getting the creative juices flowing when you find yourself hitting a wall.

Tissues and Hand Sanitizer 
Every conference room table should be stocked with tissues and hand sanitizer for extra cleanliness. You never know when an employee will walk into a conference with a sniffle. It's not professional to carry out a video chat while wiping your runny nose on your sleeve, so tissues are essential. Likewise, it's a good idea to have a bottle of hand sanitizer nearby for everyone's personal hygiene. 

"Hot Table" Features
Finally, the best conference room tables are designed with built-in outlets for computers and a place to stash your excess cables. They may also have a place to thread your HDMI, DVI, and VGA connections, so that it's easy to send your PC screen to a larger display. Known in the modern coworking era as a "hot table", this modern office furniture makes it easy to start an impromptu conference with any laptop. 

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