Expanding Perspectives with Wide Angle Webcams

Webcams have transformed the world, making it easy for people to connect and share their lives in different time zones. And in the business world, they've made video conferencing a realistic alternative to costly air travel. This is especially true for wide angle lenses, which make it possible to fit more people in the frame. In this practical guide, we've explained how a wide angle lens works, why a wide angle webcam is useful for conferencing, and where these tiny cameras are heading in the future. 

What is a Wide Angle Lens?

If your lens has a wider field of view than the human eye, it's classified as a wide angle lens. Originally, a 50mm film lens was considered normal because it replicated our actual vision. Wider lenses stretch objects out as they get closer to the camera, making them seem larger than they actually are. This can enhance perspective in artistic and practical ways. Once the lens gets to a certain width, it's classified as a "fish-eye" lens because the entire frame starts to look round. 

Why are Wide Angle Webcams Useful for Conferencing? 

If you're working in a small conference room or a space with weird dimensions, it can be tricky to set up the camera in a way that captures the entire team. This is the number-one problem that users face when dealing with a standard webcam. Fortunately, a wide angle webcam makes it easy to get everyone in the frame, without having to crowd next to each other like an awkward group photo. You also won't have to worry about manually adjusting the camera every time a new person wants to speak. With your entire team visible, you can build stronger partnerships and collaborate more effectively in a conference setting. 

Meanwhile, a wide-angle camera lens offers more flexibility than a low-mid range webcam. Some of the latest wide-angle cameras offer as much as 150° of visibility, while still boasting HD quality video. Most wide-angle cameras used for conferencing even include a real-time dewarping feature that delivers a more natural image, while also retaining the wide perspective. Just plug the camera into a USB port, and you're good to go.

How are Wide Angle Webcams Evolving in the 21st Century? 

The future of webcams is looking bright, with incredible features like built-in AI, upgradeable processors, and useful data analytics. 

Meanwhile, the Huddly IQ camera offers ultra-wide video in a compact package, with an embedded processor that is constantly being upgraded with new software features. For instance, the camera's automated AI can auto-zoom during a conference to always keep everyone in frame. 

When paired with an ESB-1080 Enterprise Sound Bar in the Yamaha Collaboration Kit, the Huddly IQ offers an immersive conferencing experience with optimal picture and sound.