Meet Our Conference Call Speakerphone for Cell Phones


Today, traveling with a conference call speakerphone for cell phone use is easier than ever. The latest technological tools take up minimal space in a backpack or briefcase, offering crystal-clear sound that isolates your voice from background noises.

Whether you're a digital nomad running a startup around the world, or you work from home and need a small Bluetooth speakerphone, there are plenty of portable solutions for cell phones. In this handy guide, we've explained why a portable speakerphone is worth the investment, with features you just can't get using your phone's built-in speakerphone.

Conference Call Speakerphones for Cell Phones

Most smartphones come with speakerphone functionality, but even a cutting-edge phone will pale in comparison to a dedicated conference call speakerphone. This is especially true when you need to include others. You could be in a conference room with a team, and need to place the smartphone in the middle of the table. You're forced to listen to the other parties through your tiny phone speakers, and your phone's microphone will sound weak to the far end.

Fortunately, it's not costly to invest in a Bluetooth conference speakerphone for use with cell phones. Virtually every smartphone supports Bluetooth, so you can wirelessly pair the phone with your external speakerphone and start a professional-grade conference wherever you are. This allows you to make a normal phone call using your cellular network, or use a conferencing app like Skype for Business or Zoom.

Conference Calling On the Go

A wireless speakerphone for iPhone or Android can transform any space into a conference room. Whether you're working at an airport lobby or a hotel room, you have the flexibility to make calls from a mobile device or laptop. A personal speakerphone like the YVC-200 can quickly pair with a device via Bluetooth or USB, and the built-in rechargeable battery lasts up to 10 hours. And if you need privacy during a conference, you can plug in a pair of headphones for private listening in a public environment.

Benefits of a External Speakerphone for Cell Phone use

Below, we've shared three key benefits that you can enjoy with a wireless conferencing speakerphone:

Speed: Bluetooth is extremely fast and easy to use. It only takes a few seconds to pair your smartphone with a portable speakerphone. You can even start a call on your phone, pair it with the speakerphone mid-call, and continue talking hands-free without any interruptions.

Robust Connectivity: A portable speakerphone like the YVC-200 can connect to any Bluetooth-capable phone, laptop, or tablet. It also boasts USB and NFC connectivity, so you have a wide variety of options. All you need is a cellular or WiFi signal.

Travel-Ready Functionality: Portable speakerphones are designed with everything you need in one streamlined device. The speaker, omnidirectional microphone, rechargeable battery, and device controls are all in one compact package. They're the perfect size for traveling; just throw it in your bag and you’re ready to go.

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