A Look At Video Conferencing Solutions


Today's video conferencing solutions are so much more than a speaker and a microphone. Many components need to work together simultaneously to create a great conferencing experience. In this handy guide, we've outlined the various components that make up the best all-in-one video conferencing solution. Each piece of equipment is important by itself, but the cumulative experience is far greater.

Hosting remote meetings individually

Video Conference Headset

If you’re working individually at your personal desk and need to host a remote meeting via video conference, some people opt for the flexibility of a video conference headset. These solutions can allow you to be heard in a busy office. It also provides privacy when you're chatting in a public space. Our newest  conference phone, the YVC-200 includes a headphone jack for this purpose. It's a great option if you don't have a traditional conference room or huddle room to work in and is designed for on-the-go conferencing.

Hosting remote meetings in a conference room

Video Conference Speakers

In a conference room setup, you need high-quality speakers that can deliver pristine sound throughout the room. Some of the best video conference speakers are designed with multiple elements that project sound in different directions, so you can hear it clearly wherever you're sitting. Meanwhile, a DSP (digital signal processing) algorithm inside the conferencing system ensures that the sound you hear is echo- and noise-free.

Video Conference Camera

To complete the package, you need a video conference camera that syncs perfectly with your speakers and microphone. This creates a phenomenon called "superadditivity", where more information is perceived and your brain perceives the conversation in a heightened state. Ultra-wide angle camera technology with a high pixel count strengthens your audio feed, so you can enjoy a seamless conferencing experience.

Video Conference Software

Of course, you'll want to invest in a video conferencing solution that works with a wide variety of video conference software platforms. Yamaha's conferencing systems are designed to perform flawlessly with Skype for Business, Zoom, Vidyo, BlueJeans, Google Chromebox for Meetings, and many other services. With this software-agnostic design, you can experiment with a few different platforms before choosing the best one for your needs.

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