Why Your WFHers Need This Portable Microphone With Speaker


Short for "working from home", WFH is a common practice in today's connected business world. WFHers may spend Fridays away from the office, work entirely remotely, or handle business from coworking spaces in different cities.

There's a work lifestyle to fit every personality type, and a conferencing system to fit every lifestyle. In this practical guide, we've shared how a portable microphone system can revolutionize your conferencing setup, especially when you're working from home or on the road.

What is a Portable Microphone System?

Essentially, a portable microphone system offers professional audio playback and voice capture in the same unit.

How Does a Portable Microphone Work?

At a basic level, a portable microphone converts analog audio into a digital signal and sends it to its destination. With an all-in-one speakerphone unit, the recording, conversion, and playback happens in the same device. Unlike your phone or laptop's built-in speakers, the best speakerphones are designed with crystal-clear audio quality and adaptive echo cancellation. If you're chatting in a room with poor acoustics, the speakerphone's DSP (digital signal processing) will adjust the captured signal so that it's less muddy and easier to hear.  

Benefits of a portable microphone

Let’s use the Yamaha YVC-200 as an example. Powered with a rechargeable battery that lasts around 10 hours, this portable microphone unit is truly portable allowing your WFHers to work wherever, whenever. The unit can operate wirelessly by connecting to a mobile device or laptop via Bluetooth and for even more security, you can also connect a small portable microphone to your computer with a USB cable. The USB connection conveniently allows you to charge the device's battery as well.

How to Use a Portable Microphone for More Convenience

Besides offering wireless mobility in a small package, a portable microphone system is also designed for convenient conferencing. Here are just a few of the device's features that help facilitate an easy conference experience:

Microphone/Speaker mute buttons: These buttons allow you to quickly mute the microphone capture or speaker playback functionality. If you need privacy when talking to someone in the room, you can tap the Microphone mute button. Likewise, you can tap the speaker mute button to mute the device speaker when you need quiet or privacy.

Headset port: This allows you to connect headphones to the portable speakerphone for private listening. A typical use case for this feature would be at a crowded place or at a desk where you don’t want to be interrupting others, but still want to use the microphone for enhanced voice capture.

Bluetooth button: Press this button to pair your portable speakerphone with a Bluetooth-capable device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

NFC: If your portable speakerphone has an "N" mark on it, it means it is NFC-compatible. This allows you to simply hold an NFC device up to the phone and pair them together automatically for simple and fast connection.

YVC-200_Small.jpgLearn more about our YVC-200 Portable Speakerphone, or use our Product Finder to determine the best unified communications technology for your needs.