Ceiling Microphones for Conference Rooms


Poor conference room audio can make the difference between a successful collaboration and an embarrassing mess. It's crucial to invest in professional-grade microphones that capture every voice in the room, including the team members farthest from the mic. There are a wide variety of microphone types designed for conferencing, including tabletops and hanging mics. In this practical guide, we've shared the benefits of ceiling microphones for conference rooms. 

What are the advantages of a Ceiling Microphone?

Designed to hang unobtrusively from the ceiling, a ceiling microphone is great for capturing the entire conference room. By hanging the mic, you eliminate wires and machinery from your conference tabletop, while enjoying wider, 360-degree audio coverage. If you prefer a clutter-free work area, installing a ceiling microphone could be a good solution. The technology will be out of sight and out of mind, allowing you to focus on the conference call.
Speaking of technology, the top ceiling microphones include beamforming array mic technology that has come a long way to enhance the audio capture in the room. Most ceiling microphones require installers to configure these beams to be fixed on certain areas of the room to capture speakers.
Yamaha uses dynamic beamforming arrays that provide more flexibility for better audio pickup throughout the room. Should a room layout or table configuration change, there is no need to re-program these beams due to their dynamic nature. Yamaha’s beams also include unique technologies, like Human Voice Activity Detection, Dereverberation and Noise Reduction to better focus and enrich the conversation verses the background noise.

Another advantage of ceiling microphones can be their unique ability to help organizations adhere to the changing requirements of today’s office spaces. By mounting it on the ceiling, it allows users to bring their own device (BYOD) and reduce the amount of contact with devices in the room. Users can also spread out without worry of audio pickup loss.
With ever-changing guidelines and need for more flexibility within today’s conference spaces, a ceiling microphone may be the perfect device to solve your use cases.
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