Should my Company Use BlueJeans Video Conferencing?


Continuing our series on “Should My Company Use…”, we've outlined the features that set BlueJeans video conferencing apart from other services to determine if it's the right fit for your company. We've also shared a few products that work seamlessly with BlueJeans, allowing you to produce a high-quality conferencing experience in virtually any room. This BlueJeans video conferencing review is tailored for business owners, CTOs, IT decision makers, and employees searching for a better conferencing platform.

What is BlueJeans?

Like Skype for Business or Zoom, BlueJeans is a video conferencing application that's crafted for business users. Within the BlueJeans interface, you can record video conferences, share files with other users, have a text-based chat, and much more. The app also works across different devices, including laptops, smartphones (iOS and Android), and tablets. It's respected as one of the most stable platforms for online video conferencing, with tools that allow you to share content quickly and securely.

BlueJeans Video Conferencing Features

Unlike other popular video conferencing platforms, BlueJeans does not offer a free tier for new customers. However, the platform makes up for it with a variety of powerful features:

Engage in One-Touch Meetings: Users can instantly start a BlueJeans conference from other messaging platforms, including Slack, Skype, HipChat, and Microsoft Teams. This cross-platform compatibility allows you to start a video conference easily and naturally, without leaving your current application.

Keep Your Conversations Secure: Unlike other platforms, BlueJeans is designed with enterprise-grade security across more than 70 metrics.

Explore Detailed Analytics: The BlueJeans Command Center provides a wealth of information about meeting participants, cost savings, ROI, and product usage over time.

Use the Same Tools as Market Leaders: Giant tech companies like Facebook, Linkedin, Square, and Upwork rely on BlueJeans as their primary video conferencing platform.

Is BlueJeans Video Conferencing Right for Small Businesses?

BlueJeans offers three main subscription tiers: Me, My Team, and My Company. The Me subscription is designed for individuals and small businesses with less than 50 employees, and it's the ideal choice for new users. Meanwhile, if your small business regularly has meetings with 50-75 participants, you'll want to upgrade to the My Team package. This also includes access to the Command Center dashboard, 10 hours of cloud meeting recording (per host), and integration with platforms like Slack and HipChat.  

All in all, BlueJeans' robust features are perfect for small and mid-sized businesses that need a dependable conferencing platform. With BlueJeans, your team can feel confident that your conversations are safely encrypted, while still sending crystal-clear audio and video in real time. Meanwhile, BlueJeans has a strong technical support team with a custom onboarding program, phone/email support, and online training courses.   

Is BlueJeans Video Conferencing Right for Enterprise?

Finally, the top BlueJeans subscription tier (My Company) is tailored for enterprises. Up to 100 participants can engage in a conference call simultaneously, H.323/SIP room systems are supported, and hosts can record unlimited conferences to the cloud. Meanwhile, the BlueJeans Event feature allows users to host interactive events within the company, such as town-hall meetings, workshops, and webinars.

Products that Use BlueJeans Video Conferencing

If your team wants to get the most out of the BlueJeans conferencing platform, we recommend investing in a conference system to improve recording and playback. For example, the Yamaha FLX UC conference phone line (500, 1000/1500) works seamlessly with BlueJeans, offering pristine audio in a portable package. Designed with DSP technologies like acoustic echo cancellation and noise filtering, these phones provide 360° with four integrated microphones.