Should My Company Use Vidyo for Video Conferencing?


Almost every business with multiple offices needs a video conferencing system to get on the same page while in different locations. Vidyo is a scalable conferencing service with a robust feature set that's designed for professional users. For example, you can host group conferences with a laptop or mobile device, and then upload your recorded meeting to the cloud as soon as it's over. In this guide, we'll outline Vidyo's best features and help you decide if it's the right solution for your small business or enterprise. We'll also showcase a few products that work seamlessly with the Vidyo platform.
Vidyo Video Conferencing Strengths
There are a ton of video conferencing services on the market, but Vidyo has some features and benefits that help it stand out from the rest.
Vidyo's cloud-based design allows you to control a meeting in real time. For example, if you're the meeting host, you can disable any guest's camera or microphone whenever there's background noise or you want to shift focus. Often, one party will forget to mute their own microphone while someone else is speaking, so you can override their controls when necessary. Likewise, if you're giving a presentation and everyone else is watching, you can mute their microphones until it's time to take questions.
Vidyo’s application has enterprise-grade security that meet the strictest standards (TLS, SRTP, H.235, and AES 256-bit encryption). They also provide the ability to lock meetings so that uninvited parties can't listen in. This is particularly useful for businesses that want to keep a project under wraps.
Finally, if you're developing an app or website with interactive video content,'s video API allows you to embed video into your design, with ease.
Is Vidyo Video Conferencing Right for Small Businesses?
Many businesses love the Vidyo platform for its group meeting capabilities and easy-to-use interface, which is more streamlined than the competition. It's a considerable step above free-to-use services like Skype and Google Hangouts. Trusted in the healthcare, education, financial, and government sectors, Vidyo is used for remote management in hospitals, as well as scientific research at CERN. Whether you're building interactive video into a new application, or you need a dependable conferencing tool for your sales team, Vidyo is an ideal choice for small businesses. We recommend signing up for their free trial before committing to the software.
Is Vidyo Video Conferencing Right for Enterprise?
Meanwhile, large enterprises need a robust conferencing system that anyone in the organization can use, regardless of their bandwidth or hardware. Keeping everyone connected is a difficult job. Global corporations that deal with sensitive data like Barclays, Bloomberg, and BNP Paribas rely on Vidyo for their high-level conferences, and they trust the platform's security and stability. Whether you're sharing banking data, healthcare trials, or scientific research, you can trust Vidyo's enterprise-grade encryption.
With Vidyo, there's no transcoding. That means your video feed will not be degraded and re-encoded before being sent out to other conference guests. Instead, Vidyo relies on a multi-stream design that can support different formats at the same time. In fact, Vidyo's design is so strong that Google licensed the technology for its Hangouts platform.

Products that Use Vidyo Video Conferencing
The Yamaha FLX UC 500 and FLX UC 1000 conferencing phones both work seamlessly with Vidyo, recording and producing high-fidelity audio for your most important meetings.