Yamaha Unified Communications, Inc. Opens for Business With New Mission to Raise Bar for Quality, Ease of Use in Communications

Author: Meghan Kennelly


Revolabs, Inc. has officially changed its company name today to Yamaha Unified Communications!

(Read the official Press Release)

Over the past two years, Yamaha has laid the groundwork for the name change by creating a Yamaha Unified Communications department and by jointly developing the CS-700 Video Sound Bar™ solution with Revolabs. As you might have noticed, the prominence of the Yamaha brand has grown on the Revolabs website and in marketing materials gradually over time.

By fusing the technology and expertise of Revolabs and Yamaha, Yamaha Unified Communications will provide cross-solution support that will address the growing range of business communication applications.

Our mission remains the same: To develop audio and video teleconferencing solutions that enhance collaboration and boost productivity wherever people work. Just like every other part of Yamaha Corporation, we’re committed to excellence, authenticity, and innovation in every product we design and build. Our goal is to ensure joy, beauty, confidence and discovery are the customer’s response to experiencing, using, and owning our products.

“In becoming Yamaha Unified Communications, we’re not simply changing our name. We’re raising the bar for ourselves in order to live up to everything Yamaha stands for,” said Mick Kamihara, CEO at Yamaha Unified Communications. “We’re committing to the brand promise of a company known throughout the world for its product excellence and renowned standards of form and function.”

All products developed and released by Yamaha Unified Communications will be built to the comprehensive quality standards that Yamaha commits to provide each and every customer. In addition to products for small-to-large conference room, speakerphones, and microphones, Yamaha Unified Communications will continue to expand its solutions and services to enterprise customers.

“Our engineers are focused on developing products that bring simplicity, clarity, and efficiency to today’s nuanced and hectic business ecosystem,” Mr. Kamihara said. “By combining ultra-high quality audio, ease of connectivity, and the ultimate in flexibility, we’re erasing barriers to make collaboration across the table and across the globe more compelling, dynamic, and meaningful.”

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