Should My Company use Highfive for Video Conferencing?


Today's video conferencing systems are great for entry-level consumers who want to chat with their friends and family, but what about the business world? In a more demanding conference setting, we expect the setup process to be painless, the video feed to look flawless, and the audio to remain clear. Unfortunately, many of today's video conferencing services fail to replicate the experience of being in the same room. It can be a challenge to find a software solution that meets your company's needs.

In recent years, services like Skype, Google Hangouts, and Zoom have emerged as the biggest players in the video conferencing space, but Highfive is quickly catching up. Loved by thousands of popular companies like Harry's and Betterment, Highfive is known for its stunning HD video quality, no-hassle setup, and flexible calling options. Founded in 2012 by a former Google employee, the software is taking conferencing into the 21st century.

Depending on your needs, Highfive has plans ranging from $9.99 to $199 per month. The company has created a fully integrated hardware platform for tech-illiterate users as well, which includes an HD display and wide-angle camera for high-quality conferencing. In this guide, we've shared some of Highfive's strengths, small business and enterprise features, and a few product recommendations that make the software shine.   

Highfive’s Strengths

The Highfive video conferencing platform delivers a seamless user experience that starts with premium video quality. Unlike other software, Highfive's video actually feels like an in-person meeting, with a crystal-clear signal that takes advantage of today's 4K cameras and displays. If you're using Highfive's integrated hardware, you also have the ability to zoom in on the whiteboard and pan across the room.

As with other conferencing services, Highfive allows employees to join a meeting without downloading any software. Hosts can email or text a customizable URL to their guests, and all they have to do is click. No pin codes or passwords are required to access a conference, but the software uses robust 128-bit AES encryption to protect your data.

Finally, Highfive video conferencing supports group screen sharing, so everyone can collaborate on the same document. Conference participants can choose to share their entire screen, a specific window, or the current browser tab. This makes it easy to work on a project in different time zones and get real-time feedback from your colleagues.

Is Highfive Right for Small Businesses?

Every aspect of Highfive is tailored for business users—from the dial-in (and dial-out) features to the screen sharing options. The company has three software subscription tiers: Teams, SMB, and Enterprise. For most small businesses, the SMB plan offers the greatest value, with support for 50 participants per meeting. Highfive provides virtual and onsite software training for SMB users, and your company can create a custom meeting room with a dedicated URL. At present, the SMB plan costs $12.99 per month for each user.

Meanwhile, Highfive catalogues every team member in an active directory, and it's easy to schedule upcoming meetings via Outlook or Google Calendar. These applications integrate seamlessly with Highfive, as well as Slack and Skype for Business.

Above all, you don't need to be an IT wizard to set up Highfive. The software is designed for plug-and-play use, and Highfive's hardware installs over-the-air updates when your team leaves the office. As long as you have a fast internet connection and relatively new computer, Highfive will run without a hitch.   

Is Highfive Right for Enterprise Companies?

At the Enterprise level, Highfive offers additional features and customer support that can help a large organization move forward. Unlike the SMB plan, the Enterprise plan supports unlimited call recording, which is useful for preserving important meetings in the historical record.

Furthermore, each team can create a meeting room domain, so that there are no accidental drop-ins on your next conference. Finally, Enterprise subscribers receive a dedicated Customer Success Manager, who can answer any questions about installation and day-to-day use.

Products that Use Highfive

Even though Highfive offers an all-in-one hardware bundle, it might be too pricey for your business needs, and you may already own a video conferencing system. Fortunately, Highfive has designed its software platform to work seamlessly with other hardware brands, including Yamaha UC.

Meanwhile, our Executive Elite wireless microphone systems ensure that large conference rooms have optimal audio coverage, with support for 44 microphones in a single space.  

All in all, Highfive is an impressive video conferencing option for businesses that want a cutting-edge experience, and have the internet bandwidth to support it. Companies like Codecademy, the Girl Scouts of Northern California, and Paperless Post love the Highfive platform, and it's easy to see why.