Should My Company use GoToMeeting for Video Conferencing?

go-to-meeting.jpgToday's smartphones and tablets allow us to chat with anyone in the world. Using email and chat apps, it's easy to reach clients and schedule meetings in multiple time zones. However, not all technology is reliable when it comes to getting work done.

Consider video conferencing—you're searching for a robust solution that satisfies your business needs in various conference environments. It needs to be simple to operate, with crystal-clear audio and video. Furthermore, it should exceed the quality of competing free services, while being intuitive enough for tech novices to use. With so many conferencing services on the market, it can be difficult to find the right option for your business.

Most enterprise consumers are familiar with Skype and Google Hangouts, but what is GoToMeeting, and how does it differ from the competition? Founded in 2004 as a web conferencing feature for the programs GoToMyPC and GoToAssist, GoToMeeting is tailored for professional users. With a impressive feature set that includes one-click meetings, a dial-in option, and a personal meeting room, GoToMeeting has a dedicated fanbase in the business community.

Depending on your needs, GoToMeeting has plans ranging from $14 to $47 per month, which support up to 250 conference participants, HD video with 25 webcams, and much more. If your team subscribes to the Pro or Plus plan, you'll gain access to real-time drawing tools, mobile meetings, unlimited recording, and a personal meeting room with a custom URL—all within one service.   

GoToMeeting's Strengths

The GoToMeeting conferencing platform has extremely positive user reviews, which are primarily due to the software's extensive feature set and high-quality meeting experience. One of GoToMeeting's biggest strengths is the Call Me feature. This allows businesses to create a toll-free number for guests to call into the meeting, without using a computer or downloading any apps. Whether your guest lives overseas or the same city, there's an easy way for them to join the conference, and there are no extra fees. If your company receives a lot of inbound calls, GoToMeeting might be the most affordable option on the market.

Meanwhile, your team can create a custom meeting room that makes a great first impression. GoToMeeting provides a highly encrypted URL with the "" address, which your business can populate with a profile photo, page name, location, and a colorful theme. Once the URL is reserved, it's yours to keep and share with other conference callers, so they can join a meeting with a single click.

Above all, GoToMeeting offers a fully integrated experience, with no downloads or lengthy installations required. Built-in tools like screen and file sharing, one-click recording, and annotation tools are accessed right from the browser. Users can join a meeting from any web-enabled device, or simply call into the conference using the nearest phone. The platform also integrates seamlessly with other business tools like Slack, Outook, and Dropbox.

Is GoToMeeting Right for Small Businesses?

GoToMeeting offers three subscription tiers for startups, small- to medium-sized businesses, and larger enterprises. The plans are called Starter, Pro, and Plus. For most small businesses, the Pro plan has more than enough features for your conferencing needs. This includes support for up to 150 participants, unlimited meetings (and recordings), mobile app functionality, and an active directory for managing users.   

All in all, small businesses are willing to pay a little extra for GoToMeeting's robust features and free inbound calls. The Pro plan is $36 per month (or $29 when billed annually), and companies can test it out with a 14-day free trial. If you're a startup on a budget, however, you might prefer the Starter plan, which only costs $18 per month ($14 annually). With this introductory plan, conference participation is limited to 10 users, and many features (such as the personal meeting room and recording capabilities) are disabled.

Is GoToMeeting Right for Enterprise Companies?

Meanwhile, GoToMeeting's Plus plan is ideal for corporations with thousands of employees. Up to 250 conference participants can join a conference at the same time, and 25 webcams can broadcast HD video on the same screen. The Plus plan includes every feature in the Pro plan, as well as InRoom Link, which connects GoToMeeting to your existing conferencing system. As long as your equipment is H.323-enabled, GoToMeeting can link to it.

Products that Use GoToMeeting

Fortunately, GoToMeeting is compatible with a host of hardware systems, and the experience is seamless. For example, the YVC-1000 is perfect for calling into a conference that you initiated on a mobile device. All in all, GoToMeeting is an immensely powerful, user-friendly, and flexible video conferencing platform.