Advantages of a Wireless Microphone System

Author: Meghan Kennelly


RM-W.pngWireless microphone systems can be a great addition to your conference or meeting space. Did you know wireless microphones are where Revolabs got its start? The company’s introduction of wireless microphones for conferencing revolutionized business communications. When first in development, a lot of time was spent researching with different organizations in various industries and the advantages we saw in our research are still true today. 

Different aspects can play into your choice to use a wireless microphone system. Size of the room, acoustics, room purposes and configuration, etc. can all be factors. Without getting too in depth in the selection process, I can tell you that some of the most popular spaces we find wireless microphones used are in large conference rooms, auditoriums and lecture halls. We’ve also seen wireless microphone systems be a great solution for mobile carts.

So why is a wireless system so popular? One word...flexibility.

Flexibility in placement
The biggest complaint with wired microphones would have to be the cables. They can cause clutter, tripping hazards and are hard to rearrange. The advantage of having a wireless microphone system is the flexibility it gives you in placement. Users can easily place the microphones anywhere in the room to best capture participants. We recommend one microphone for every two participants.

Flexibility in set up
In line with above, another huge advantage of a wireless system is that the end users can freely move mics around to best suit their meeting needs without having to contact an AV or IT department. The attendees can configure the room without additional help enabling them to start their meetings faster.

Flexibility in room arrangement
Without the hassle of wires, users can transform the conference room’s configuration and furniture arrangement for every meeting. This flexibility would help maximize the meeting potential and productivity and provides the organization with a room that can serve multiple purposes.

Flexibility to mute separate mics
A feature not always thought about is the ability to mute individual mics on a wireless microphone system. Without muting the whole system, users can simply mute their mics when not speaking to avoid any unwanted noise or side conversation from being picked up. 

Flexibility for presenter movement
In a presentation or lecture setting, presenters like to have the option to move around the room as they speak. With a wireless microphone, such as a Revolabs wearable microphone or a handheld microphone, speakers can move freely without any cords limiting their movement.

Flexibility to expand
The great thing about using a wireless microphone system is the flexibility to expand in the future. Easily add on more microphones to suit your changing needs.
Still not convinced? Chat with a member of our team to see if a wireless microphone system is right for you.

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