Bringing Natural Sounding, Reliable Audio to Higher Education

Revolabs is excited to bring our traditional natural sounding audio to classrooms and lecture halls across the country!

Revolabs has further expanded its Executive Elite product line to include a wireless 2-channel microphone system . This new product allows lecturers to freely move about the classroom or lecture hall without interruption and gives students that natural listening experience as if the professor is speaking to them one on one. 

Why did Revolabs create this system and evolve the product line? 

Over the years, Revolabs has realized the need for better audio in classrooms & auditoriums. The Elite 2-channel system captures the audio with ease while allowing remote control and monitoring of the microphone.  This capability is key when using recording systems for lecture capture and playback, or with live streaming to remote classrooms. The professor simply clips on a lapel mic and is good to go!

The Executive Elite family started off with more channels for more participants and various challenging room configurations. The original Executive Elite system had so much success that Revolabs decided to bring this two-channel system to education applications with great need for the same quality audio. Thus the product line has grown and evolved to meet the needs of voice reinforcement, lecture capture and remote learning.  This is a game-changer for the education space.

Why is it a game-changer and why is this two-channel system so important to education?
If students are unable to hear and understand the material given by the professor, this not only affects the students learning, but the school’s reputation as well. State of the art audio combined with affordability and natural sound is a perfect solution for large lecture halls with many students. And with many students taking online and remote classes, hearing and understanding the professor’s voice is of paramount importance.

Do you learn better taking a class in person, online, or is it a similar experience for either way?
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