Adapting to Super Collaborative Work Environments

Starting out as purely an audio company, Revolabs has seen amazing changes in the technology space. Meeting spaces have moved from traditional installed AV solutions now to pop-up conference spaces, huddle rooms and on-the-go meetings through applications like Skype and Zoom.YVC-300-usage-small-(1).jpg

Business is changing; we are now in a world of instant gratification and we are learning how to work smarter rather than harder. We have more telecommuters, entrepreneurs and start-ups than ever before. And because business has changed, society is changing too, so innovative technology companies like Revolabs are also faced with the questions of, “How can we adapt, how can we deliver the best quality products to meet the needs of people who are trying to do business in a smarter, faster and more collaborative way?”

With Revolabs’ parent company, Yamaha, you may have seen the announcement that Revolabs has launched the new YVC-300 to further expand the collaboration toolbox for businesses small to large, depending on the specific needs. This USB and Bluetooth enabled conference phone allows for increased flexibility for pop-up conferences and collaboration in huddle spaces of 4-6 people.

The YVC-300 combines ease-of-use with natural sounding audio. This conference phone can be taken from room-to-room and plugged into a laptop or paired to a phone with ease. Plug and play meets collaboration.

Revolabs and Yamaha are very excited to add this collaboration tool to the expanding product line to continue to deliver the needs of these ever-changing business environments!
Learn more about the YVC-300.

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