Revolabs Solves Unified Communication Issues at Summit Public Schools

Poor audio impacts the entire organization. If leaders can’t communicate effectively, everything can crumble quickly. So when the Summit School System had a problem that was affecting their productivity and ability to communicate, we were happy to jump in and help them find a solution that worked with their space, and easy to implement.

The AV and IT world is changing as we know- and there a lot of different solutions out there to address specific problems—but it’s important to make sure the solution is flexible and scalable for the space and for your organization’s specific needs.

Finding a proper audio and video solution to fit the needs of many spaces can be challenging…they had tried other types of solutions before, but without a complete solution, you can still experience issues like poor noise quality from echo, reverberation and other factors. So it’s important to consider how everything works hand in hand, especially when you are dealing with audio AND video. We were able provide them with a solution that was easy to install and cost effective, especially because they needed to solve the problem quickly! Not only was the problem solved, but they experienced what TRUE audio should sound like in a meeting- natural sounding, high-quality audio.

Click to read the full story and how the YVC-1000 was a perfect choice to suit the needs of an educational institution.

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