Revolabs Examines the Relationship Between Stress and Conference Calls in the Workplace

Last month, we attended Enterprise Connect 2016, a large show focused on collaboration and communication. Revolabs, along with 180 other exhibitors, showcased our newest unified communications solutions.

Our EVP of Business Development, Tim Root attended along with our Executive Team and had the opportunity to discuss the overall importance of clarity in conferencing. Interesting enough, we came across a recent infographic by showing that 30% of US employees have high stress levels in the workplace, which can affect a slew of issues, from employee retention and high turnover rates to the overall well-being and health of employees. That’s a serious issue!

So it got us thinking about what some of these causes could be of overall stress at the workplace, especially for the office environment and led us to ask the question:

Have you ever experienced frustration listening during a conference call? Perhaps the participants sounded muffled or too quiet to be understood. Often, callers dial in from their cell phones and the participants in the office have a difficult time understanding them. Meeting participants have to spend energy and thought to really concentrate and understand the words being spoken, rather than the meaning of the conversation.


Why add that stress to everyday workplace demands? With today’s technology and our dedication to sound quality and clarity over the years, we pride ourselves in delivering the best and highest quality sound for conferencing needs in a variety of environments. These significant issues with stress and productivity in the workplace have helped drive our passion and our vision from the very beginning of bringing great audio to the conference room.

Click here to hear the full discussion about the importance of call intelligibility in conferencing from Enterprise Connect with Tim Root and Gary Audin.

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