Old Dog, New Tricks

I have been working in the A/V industry for over 15 years, and during that time I have had the opportunity to work with many different microphones and manufacturers.  When it comes to wireless microphones, I have always turned to Revolabs, as I can count on them to provide my customers with great sounding, easy to use solutions.  However, I recently found out that they have a new product on the market- WIRED microphones! Yes, you read that correct, a WIRED microphone. This is something I never thought I would see as traditionally Revolabs has produced microphones in the wireless space only. So of course I had to try out the new wired microphones!

I was fortunate enough to get hold of one of the Omni-Directional and one of the Directional models of microphones.  Both look similar in appearance to the Executive Elite wireless microphones, which is nice because they look like they belong right along with other Revolabs wireless microphones the customer may deploy. This allows for the same user experience whether the room was equipped with wireless microphones or wired microphones.  I was also happy with the color choices to choose from (Black, White, Brushed Nickel).   I was easily able to attach the mics to my DSP, and had them working in minutes.  I was also happy to see that they provided several dip switches to adjust different configurations like push to talk, push to mute and so forth.  All of these things add up to providing a large amount of flexibility when finding out how my customer wants to use the products.  In addition, the microphones also allowed mute (and LED) control from the DSP using GPIO connections.

Now, that is all fine, but the true test comes when you use them and hearing how they perform.   In my testing, these microphones lived up to all of my expectations.  While using them, I would ask how I sound, and the consistent answers I got from the other end of the call were “great” and  “loud and clear.” Someone even said they sound “clear as a bell.” However, I find the bigger compliment is when I do calls and nobody says a word about audio quality.  When calls happen and we never have to stop and repeat what was said, or have someone complain about how someone can’t hear someone, or “talk” louder, that typically means the equipment works - and works well. And that is what I experienced with the Revolabs wired microphones.

All in all, I expected great things from these microphones, and I am happy to report that Revolabs delivered on these expectations!

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