Why spend money on retail big data services when you only sell to distributors?

Revolabs only sells through distribution; sales to end customers happen at the reseller/dealer level. Our marketing and channel sales teams continually ask ourselves, how can we help our channel partners (both CORE resellers and distributors) promote and increase sales of our products? What will incentivize them to sign up to be a CORE reseller and want to sell our products over others?

Revolabs recently redesigned and launched a new website and we considered how to incorporate benefits and features for our key partners. As a company, we decided to help direct sales to our CORE resellers by adding a Buy Now button for products that can be sold and installed without any consultative help or specific installation knowledge. The Buy Now products are mostly our line of FLX UC Conference Phones for VoIP and USB audio applications. The button would bring up a list of our partner sites and prices for the products from their websites. Visitors could click on the vendor and be brought to the product on the vendor’s web page for immediate ordering.

To implement this, we had to add a big data service to scrape our partners’ sites to find their current prices for display. We chose Indix, as can be seen in the recent press release found here. A typical 'Buy Now' product and a vendor/price listing can be seen below.

It is very difficult to direct buyers to specific resellers. We felt that if someone sees our product, likes it and wants to buy immediately, we will provide a means to do so while supporting CORE resellers who work with us to promote and sell our products. Many companies and organizations have purchasing programs in place with our partners and could immediately place orders if they so desired.

We’ve rolled this out in North America first. Response has been overwhelmingly positive by our sales channel partners so we’re now working with Indix to add specific overseas partners to the program for EMEA countries.

And that’s why a manufacturer who only sells to distributors would pay for a retail big data service – to provide benefits for our key CORE reseller and distributors, on whom we depend to sell our products around the world.

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