If You Can't Fight Them, Join Them

Wired-Mic-Group-(4).jpgFor years Revolabs has been known as a wireless microphone company (in some circles even as THE wireless microphone company).  Our products deliver unique wireless solutions for audio and video conferencing (and a lot of other applications) in corporate conference rooms and board rooms.  Being used in a large number of conference rooms both at fortune 100 companies as well as other corporate users shows that our wireless products are well accepted and fulfill a need.

Unfortunately there are a lot of installations where our microphones aren’t being considered.  Whether it is because of security issues (yes, our wireless microphones are AES 256- encrypted, but try to tell that to the Department of Defense a.k.a. the DoD), costs (wireless microphones do cost more than wired microphones), or simply use case and room layout that didn’t call for wireless microphones, we see installers, resellers, integrators, designers, and consultants (in short: partners) define, design, resell, and install … wired microphones.  While we educated the market on the benefits of wireless microphones, many deals still go wired.

And this is how we come to the title of this blog - if you cannot fight them, join them.  Understanding that wireless microphones aren’t always the right solution for installations, we wanted to offer a product to our partners that allows them to provide Revolabs known good audio products for installations that call for wired microphones.  This enables our partners to go into their customers with one “toolbox” of Revolabs microphone products, wired and wireless.  And thus we joined them and introduced our new family of Elite Wired Microphones.  Of course we didn’t just want to be another wired microphone vendor.  We wanted to offer a wired microphone like nobody else.

The Elite Wired Microphones feature the same boardroom-ready design as our award winning Executive Elite Wireless Microphones.  Providing the same design makes it easier for users to determine how to use the microphones: the user interface is now the same in “wired” and “wireless” rooms.  Which other microphones for corporate applications are available in wired and wireless versions, using the same design?  None. Besides mixing microphones in the same building (wired and wireless rooms), the Elite microphones now also allow mixing of wired and wireless microphones in the same room.  Design is just one aspect in that scenario, but it is also important that microphones in the same room have the same acoustic characteristic, have a similar frequency response and remain impervious to GSM and other electronic noise.  Our wireless microphones and our wired microphones do just that, therefore allowing mixing of Elite Wired Microphones and Executive Elite Wireless Microphones in the same room.  This opens more options for microphone usage, placements, and density in the rooms.

And last but not least for our fans at the DoD and other security- conscious customers, the wired microphones don’t have a wireless signal!

If you haven’t tried the Elite Wired Microphones yet, I encourage you to do so.  See (and hear) for yourself the quality of these microphones.  And tell me whether you believe that Revolabs knows how to add a wire to the microphone. 

Questions? We’d love to help