Business Breakthrough 2015: What A Superb Event!

brewery.jpgThis year's highly successful Business Breakthrough Event was held in a beautifully renovated historic brewery, right in the heart of the busy City of London.  Not that many years ago… well OK, quite a few years ago, I lived up the road from The Brewery and still remember hearing the horse drawn drays coming up the road as a wakeup  call in the morning. I believe this was one of the last breweries to still use horse driven drays.

A_View_from_the_East-End_of_the_Brewery_Chiswell_Street.jpgBusiness Breakthrough injected a large dose of high-tech into The Brewery and the attendance, including many key movers of the conferencing industry, kept us busy all day. Phil and Annabelle were on hand to deal with the high levels of interest in Revolabs products with many being introduced to the Revolabs UC range for the first time. There was also a lot of interest shown in the Yamaha YVC-1000 thanks to the almost endless ways it can be integrated into a conferencing system and the simple, end user room tuning routine. From comments at the show it seems that all of the Revolabs UC range has been well received in the UK, by those who have had practical experience in the field.

To add value to the Business Breakthrough Event, Imago ScanSource had arranged for some top quality keynote presentations to help attendees keep up with all of the latest news and views from the industry. These included: Jonas Kjellberg, visionary and Co-Founder of Skype; Don Fuller, CEO of Cotoco and Marketing Strategist and Howard Lichtman, Industry Analyst.

That only leaves me to thank Imago ScanSource for the stupendous effort put into organizing a flawless and fun event. Make sure you add it to your calendar for next year, and come over and say hi, I’m going to make sure that I’m there next year, that’s for sure.  

- Mark Adams, Marketing Program Specialist, Revolabs

PS - If you are located in London and/or plan to be at Interop London, please stop by our booth IOP146 and introduce yourself.  Here are the details:

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