Revolabs and Yamaha Celebrate One Year Anniversary

DSC_5549.JPGTime passes so fast. It has been 6 months since I moved to Massachusetts (now I can spell it right :-). We also recently celebrated our 1 year anniversary as part of the Yamaha group since the acquisition!

In my last blog post, I mentioned that Yamaha has utilized Revolabs' sales channels in North America and Europe. Not only sales side, but also development side, we've started collaboration with Yamaha.

Yamaha's Sound & Network department sent Massachusetts a DSP engineer, Ryo Tanaka to work with Revolabs engineers. According to him, he was impressed about how Revolabs engineers care about the sound quality of products. The engineers never compromise the sound quality regardless of product price.

Without any doubt, Yamaha also has had same philosophy for more than 125 years. Ryo is one of the talented engineers who has the DNA. By having both skill & mindset, I'm sure he will contribute a lot to make new Yamaha-Revolabs jointly-developed products.

Happy anniversary for 1 year, we are still in the middle of way beyond the goal of big picture!

-Nick Emoto

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