FLX UC 1000 IP & USB Conference Phone - NOW SHIPPING

UC-1000-no-cables-(1).pngI’m very excited to announce that the FLX UC 1000 is now shipping.  We continue to build on the product family for the Unified Communications space and believe that the FLX UC 1000 will address a pain point in the enterprise for conference level audio in huddle rooms up to mid-size conference rooms.

When we embarked on building this product, we knew we wanted to leverage the third party softphone integration we built for the UC 500 and combine that with the IP phones we have experience building.  What we were intrigued to learn was that end users are using disjointed systems today for having softphone, webinar, messaging type calls and a separate system for VoIP calls, sitting next to each other in the same room, hoping that the audio from the one system made it through clearly to the other system.

We are very pleased with the reception we’ve had for the UC 1000 in the market thus far as providing a solution for this problem by allowing both VoIP calls and softphone calls from one device.  With the UC 1000’s ability to support bridging those two types of calls, regardless of what service is best for the company to use, the path is there to communicate.

Now, onto the technical side – we built the UC 1000 upon the form factor of the UC 500 with the two speaker elements and four embedded directional microphones, and added in a full color display dialer as well as a SIP stack to support VoIP calling.  We’re leveraging the experience we had with testing the SIP functionality in the FLX and incorporated that in this product, making sure to test with most market leading IP-PBXs so that the transition to using the UC 1000 would be seamless for our customers.

Similar to the UC 500, the sleek design of our system allows for volume and mic mute control directly from the device, and with the use of our computer application, we can support call control for answer and hang up for selected applications as well.

I encourage you to try the FLX UC 1000, and put it in your conference rooms and see for yourself what it can do for your meetings.

Feel free to write to me at priti@revolabs.com, or add your comment to this blog to share your thoughts or experiences with the newest product to the Revolabs portfolio: the FLX UC 1000.


Priti Mendiratta
Product Manager

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