FLX UC 1500 IP & USB Conference Phone, Extended.

I’m very eager to introduce you to the newest member of the FLX UC product family, the FLX UC 1500.  This product rounds out our product portfolio to support every conference room in the enterprise from huddle rooms to medium sized conference rooms with the FLX UC 500 and FLX UC 1000, and now larger conference rooms for up to 18 meeting participants with the FLX UC 1500. 

We’ve received really great feedback on the FLX UC 500 and FLX UC 1000 in the conference room for speaker loudness, echo cancellation, and audio performance, and we wanted to bring that to the larger conference room space.  The existing products can support the speaker needs in those conference rooms, but for longer tables, we wanted to provide better microphone pick up on the ends of the table.  The FLX UC 1500 provides this solution by leveraging the speaker capabilities we’ve built into our existing products and adding by two directional extension microphones to cover those larger spaces in our newest platform.

But wait, there’s more!  :) We continued to enhance the performance of the system as a whole, and are taking the next leap in audio performance by providing an ultra-wideband frequency response for the microphone pickup covering the range of 160 Hz to 16 kHz.  This expanded frequency response will be most noticeable when using a softphone or webinar conferencing solution in our first release of product.  We plan to integrate a new codec in a next release to bring the ultra-wideband capability to the VoIP calling experience. 

I encourage you to try the full suite of the FLX UC products and see how these products can provide the audio solutions you need regardless of application, VoIP or softphone, and regardless of what room size you need to outfit – these products will bring the highest quality of audio you need for conducting meetings in your enterprise. 
Feel free to write to me at priti@revolabs.com, or add your comment to this blog to share your thoughts or experiences with the newest product to the Revolabs portfolio: the FLX UC 1500.

Priti Mendiratta
Product Manager

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