Using Skype And Revolabs FLX™ UC 500 For Singing Lessons

lessons.jpgI’ve been taking singing lessons for 10+ years. These lessons started off in person with a fantastic teacher, Jacque Chambers of Hummingbird Studios, every Saturday morning.

I quickly developed a great relationship with my teacher and she has been able to help me in ways many other teachers have failed. One day, I was devastated to learn that she would be moving to Texas. How could I continue my lessons?

Well, after a while, we decided to try Skype. This worked pretty well but we had video and audio issues from time to time, which made lessons somewhat painful.

When I interviewed with Revolabs, I saw the FLX™ UC 500 during my interview. I quickly thought, well if this works as good as it looks, this would be great for my Skype lessons!

I eventually got my hands on one and tried it out for my lessons. Jacque instantly heard a difference. Everything was so much clearer, with crisper high tones and muddle free low tones.  We were both so pleased! I hope to get her one someday to improve her lessons and promote Revolabs as well.

I am eagerly looking forward to new firmware releases that will continue to enhance the already crystal clear audio.

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