What’s New With Revolabs At ISE This Year? New Products, New Location, More!

To say I am looking forward to Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) this year is probably a bit of an understatement, but that is only because, as events go, this is the only pan-European forum for professional AV and system integration there is. Everything is in one place and what a place it is. I heard through the grapevine that 2016 will see the show extend from 3 to 4 days and dare I say, I don’t even think that will be long enough to see everything.

I am a relatively new attendee to ISE (last year was my baptism of fire when I joined Revolabs in the previous November) but the show’s reputation precedes it. This is the place that vendors launch new products; you can network; you can learn; you can find alternative technologies; see what is coming and also see pretty much anything and everything connected with Professional AV. To be blunt…this is the show to be at. On the flip side, having to fly to Amsterdam and be away from home for 4 or 5 days is a bit of a drag, but that is probably the only negative. I was overwhelmed with the sheer size of this event when I first arrived. Here in the UK we are well known for BETT (British Educational Training and Technology Show) the world’s leading showcase for Technology within Education and every year sees thousands of visitors from home and abroad. I thought BETT was big, but in fact I think BETT could fit into ISE at least 2 or 3 times. The RAI in Amsterdam isn’t just a conference room, it is a complex of halls, spaces and rooms and standing at 47 metres tall, no wonder it commands the accolade of Europe’s largest conference centres.

booth3.pngIt is no wonder then, that I am pleasantly surprised at the sheer number of people that I already know, who I bump into at ISE. If not visiting our stand (which was so busy last year we had people queuing to speak with someone!...queuing!), during my wander around the various halls on the hunt for a new food or refreshment to try. Other vendors showcasing their wares, resellers and Integrators old and new, end users…consultants, engineers, representatives from the AV user groups, Infocomm and AVIQ. Every corner I turn is a familiar face or something new to see. Which just goes to show that it is a hub for anyone in the Pro AV world. It is not only a place for hardware, but a place to network too and that is another huge plus point to ISE.

So, what I am looking forward to? I would say first and foremost being in the same space as so many other like-minded individuals who appreciate professional AV as I do. Secondly, to see our new location; after last year’s show the Unified Communications hall was moved from hall 11 to hall 9, so this will be a new experience for the team and the sector too. So that in itself brings an air of excitement. A chance to work with and spend time with my multinational work colleagues whom I see for the rest of the year over video conferencing or speak with in audio conference calls. It brings air of unity to an internally dispersed organisation. Of course I am looking forward to Revolabs showcasing the new FLX UC 1000 and the new YVC-1000 – probably more the latter if I am honest. Only because this is the first Yamaha product to be driven down through our channel since the acquisition last year. Although I am familiar with Yamaha from the perspective of Motorcycles, Pianos and Keyboards, I am new to them from the Pro AV perspective. Therefore getting a chance to see the quality of workmanship, experience the ease of use that is synonymous with a Yamaha product and to finally get my hands on the unit that I have been talking about for the last 3 months is very exciting.

So, for more information, to meet the Revolabs team and to see the kit in all its glory, please visit us in Hall 9, Stand D141.   

We also want to invite you to hear Revolabs' EVP of Global Sales Jim Fairweather who is speaking at ISE 2015 on February 12 from 1:30pm to 2pm.  See you in Amsterdam!

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