2014: A Year In Review

Revolabs Continues To Innovate And Integrate Into New Markets

Well, another year is in the books and it has been an exciting year for Revolabs! The acquisition of Revolabs by Yamaha Co. was all in all anti-climactic in terms of major changes to the company. Revolabs continues to operate as a wholly owned subsidiary with the same management team setting our overall company direction, and we have nearly doubled our revenue from 2013.

The best part of having such a highly respected company like Yamaha as your “parent” is that they not only bring multi-BILLION dollar backing but also a massive wealth of technology and process that is directly applicable to our business. In the coming year as Revolabs continues to grow and offer more innovative solutions to the market, the fruits of this union will start to show and pay dividends to our customers and partners.

Aside from the acquisition, 2014 was a busy year for Revolabs. After launching our IP OEM conference phone in 2013 (more) we are in full production, which should make us the number two conference phone manufacturer in the world- and although I haven’t seen any analysts reports, the number one manufacturer of IP conference phones! 

2014 was also a busy year for Revolabs branded product:

1. Released our third generation of wireless microphone system, Executive Elite™ . This product is a complete re-design from its predecessor, the HD product line, from the look and feel (ID) too many additional features that our many partners have asked for! Some of the new features include:

  • There is the best in class 256 AES encryption
  • New mic types including the XLR adapter and the mini TA4 adapter so you can add power to any of your existing microphones, making them fully wireless
  • Longer battery life and standard nickel metal hydride batteries for easy replacement, rather than the kind that are soldered-in and need to be sent away for replacement
  • Cloud- based remote management and a completely new audio infrastructure that makes the audio quality equivalent to that of a wired solution.

We evened added a features that allow the mics to be fully powered and on full- time but have all the flexibility of wireless when needed so our users, installer and service providers can get the best of both worlds! (See the Cross-Over adapter)

2. Launched a family of Elite™ Wired Microphones. They share the same state of the art audio quality and ID of the Elite family but are wired and come in multiple colors (black, white and brushed nickel). This launch was an important step for us as a company because it broadened our offerings and expanded our brand. We have been long thought of as a “wireless” audio company, but when our customers asked us to provide the option for wired so that they could “mix & match” as needed in their applications, we were happy to accommodate. Now since we fulfill conference needs from the desktop to the auditorium, both wired and wireless, we consider ourselves a UC company!

3. Launched the UC 500. This by far the best USB conference phone that I’ve seen on the market for use with PC based UC applications. This is a state- of- the- art conference phone with four microphone pick-up and a dual element speaker that performs at the level expected in the enterprise (not a cheaper consumer-ish quality product that is more prevalent in the market today) but at a very aggressive price point.

4. Launched the Yamaha YVC-1000 in the US and EMEA. This product is branded Yamaha but is being disseminated and supported by Revolabs in these territories as it fits very nicely in our channels and product road map. This is the first stage of technology integration with Yamaha and more will be coming in the future! 

As always there is much more going on than I can write here so please visit our web site for more info. More to come soon…

Looking at 2015 I’m excited to continue to bring more exciting products to our eco system. After fantastic growth in 2014, ’15 is looking to be another solid year. As we continue to scale our support and operational side of the business to be best- in- class we are looking to get even closer to all the customers in our eco system to make sure we understand and our meeting each constituent’s needs.

UC1000.jpgWe continue to innovate and develop new products and solutions (as always) and in Q1, the UC 1000 will be launched. This UC conference phone already has a lot of excitement building around it and is being adopted by massive companies who see not only the best in class IP conference phone but a true UC product that can bridge their IP and PC UC applications all at an aggressive price point.

With the launch of many new products in 2014, we will be working hard to market these products to our channels and customer so they can enjoy the many features designed from their feedback.

You can expect more product and solution announcements and introductions in ‘15 but for now I want to leave a little excitement for the future but rest assured that Revolabs & Yamaha are not done innovating…

Looking forward to 2015! - JP

PS- I almost forgot to mention our successful technical training tour of 2014!  If you missed it and want to get the same technical training, please visit the Revolabs Online Academy



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