Unified Communications and Enterprise Connect 2015

I joined Revolabs as a new employee in January, and just recently got my first chance to work a booth at Enterprise Connect, March 16-18. This was a double bonus for me: not only would I get to hear what is happening in the industry and learn more about our technology and how it fits our customer needs, I would also get to spend 3 warm and sunny days in Orlando.  This was very welcome after the brutal winter we have faced in the Northeast. Hmm… I am still wondering what I liked better: the warm weather, or the show?

On to the show….DSC_5533-(1).JPG

First off, being new to the Unified Communication industry it was great to see all of the awesome products in the market place and also how exciting this market is.  I spent much of the show in our booth soaking it all in and talking to customers.  I was actually surprised by the number of Fortune 1000 companies that stopped by our booth looking for solutions for their smaller conference/huddle rooms.  I am new to the audio/video conferencing industry. I had always pictured the executive board room to be the main place audio and video conferencing solutions were really critical, however, folks that stopped by our booth said many of the new system installs they were involved in were now for huddle room applications.  

Their biggest complaint was that many of the small conference solutions they tested have provided awful sound quality.  I can empathize. In my past the meetings I attended in smaller conference rooms typically the audio output on the devices we used were always terrible and the users always had trouble hearing us on the other end of the call.  The sound was so poor sometimes it truly impacted the effectiveness of many meetings.  Other attendees at the event told me they were tired of having to support two disjointed solutions for IP Conferencing.  In most cases users said they had a separate conference phone for IP communications and different USB conference phone for softphone webinar applications. Of course being in sales, I jumped all over this and showed them the FLX UC 1000 and FLX UC 500 offerings from Revolabs. 

I was excited about the positive reception I received and left the show with some great opportunities.  As a new employee it was great to see how we could help the marketplace fill a need.  I was also amazed how many customers were really interested in our products.  It really boosted my confidence in promoting our products, and made me realize that we are really bringing some great products to market.

To learn more about Enterprise Connect and what Revolabs has to offer, check out this video from Enterprise Connect 2015.

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