Introducing the Yamaha PJP-20UR USB Conference Phone

pjp-20ur_a_0001_f.jpgThe Yamaha YVC-1000 UC Speaker and Microphones System is the big brother of our UC conference phone family. Now I would like to introduce the smallest brother, the Yamaha PJP-20UR USB Conference Phone.

It's a USB conference phone, same as our Revolabs FLX UC 500. What is different about the PJP-20UR than the UC 500?

Well, first of all, the PJP-20UR is thinner and lighter than FLX UC 500. It’s the perfect size and shape to tuck into a briefcase or backpack for portable, high fidelity communications. Second, the PJP-20UR is powered by the USB connection. Simply plug the USB cable from the PJP-20UR into the PC, and you’re ready to go for easy conferencing. Last the PJP-20UR has 3 microphones versus 4 microphones for the UC 500.

What do the two units have in common? Great high fidelity through full duplex echo cancellers on the microphones plus high bandwidth on the speakers.

0FCC4FA3C5DC4D0E903827D5806E0137_12074.jpgIn summary, PJP-20UR is a compact, lightweight and great sound device which is suitable for the Road Warrior. You may put the PJP-20UR in your briefcase anytime you make a trip.

In Japan, Yamaha has sold more than 30,000 units of the PJP-20UR so far.  Although it’s in Japanese, see the URL below where 14 use cases are listed by a variety of users from corporate, education, government, financial and medical markets

I hope this "little brother" will find the same wide acceptance outside of Japan as inside, and with the same result of customers satisfied with good sound and the high quality of the product.

-Nick Emoto

For more information on the Yamaha PJP-20UR (distributed by Revolabs) check out the product page here. 

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