Have You Heard About The Executive Elite Cross-over Adapter?

It seems that one of our best kept secrets in the Executive Elite product line is our Cross-over adapter.  While we are showing it at trade shows, and we typically bring it up in any meeting we have with installers and end customers, we still see a lot of “aha moments” when we show it and explain it.  I will try to let you have a look behind the curtain, to lift that secret. 

But pssst, don’t tell anyone! IMG_1198-(1).JPG

In our first and second generation products, Revolabs provided “always-on” adapters for our microphones.  Always-on adapters allowed a microphone to be active while it was charging at the same time.  The adapter allowed talk times of more than 8 hours, and ensured that even microphones that were not charged in a room with always-on adapters could be used.  It was a safety-net, life saver, and enabler for long meetings.

Over the years we collected feed-back from our customers on the use of these always-on adapters.  What made customers use them, what made them not use them, and what else would customers like to see in these adapters?  The result is the cross-over adapter we developed with Executive Elite.  It is a more flexible solution to provide the functionality as the previous always-on adapters, but also adding new features to it.

The new adapter is way smaller than the old one and actually “invisible” under the microphone when the microphone is placed on it.  And as the cross-over adapter allows routing the wire through the bottom, it can really be made invisible.  As in the past, the adapter charges the microphone while it is active. 

There are several use cases for the adapter.  First, the adapter can be permanently fixed to the table with the included adhesive tape.  We have seen installers placing several cross over adapters on the table, replacing the charging tray.  Placing the microphones on the adapter ensure that they are charging while they are still moveable to take of the charger and place somewhere else on the table.  This also allows installers to give a friendly “hint” on where they expect the microphones to be placed for best audio pick-up and to program the DSP based on this “standard” configuration.  It should be mentioned that when the microphone is removed from the cross-over charger, the charger itself is almost “invisible” on the table, occupying only very limited space with a low profile.

As the second use case, installers are using the adapter as “emergency” power, removing the risk of a user not placing the microphones back on the charger after use.  They place a few adapters into a table trough, powered and connected.  The connectors are so small that they do not take up any space, and up to four can be run off one power supply.  The users will never use these, unless someone forgot to re-charge the microphones.  Out come the adapters, and the day is saved!  Did I mention that the cross-over adapter is magnetic ensuring always a secure connection between the charger and the microphone?  Well, I did now.

I hope that by now you think “All great use cases, and I am going to use them in my next project.  But why did they call the adapter cross-over adapter”?  In the third use case, the same adapter can also be used to permanently install the wireless microphones at a location.  In that case the battery door on the microphone is being replaced with the cross over adapter which is previously attached to the surface where the microphone is supposed to be located.  This is the perfect solution where a fixed installation doesn’t allow for audio cables to be run from the table to the equipment rack – constantly powered wireless microphones are the solution.  Or a set-up where you have fixed microphones installed on a table, but you might have the tables placed differently from day to day, not allowing for audio cables to be installed (Training room, anybody?).  Power is always available at the table as everybody wants their laptop, tablet, or smart phone to be charging, allowing with the cross-over adapter to use wireless microphones without ever having to worry about charging them.  The same technology also allows installing the wireless gooseneck microphone fixed on the table or podium.  Or placing a large amount of wireless microphones in a larger auditorium without having to worry about audio cabling. The use cases are endless.

So now that you know about our best-kept secret, feel free to spread the word about it!

For more information on the Executive Elite Crossover Adapter, please check out the Elite Datasheet.

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