Kicking up the Heat at SpiceWorld 2014 in Austin

dancing.jpgOn September 22-24, we had the opportunity to attend SpiceWorld in Austin, TX, a conference put on by the growing IT community called SpiceWorks. It was our first time sponsoring at the show – and we had no idea what to expect. We set up our FLX™ UC 500 (now taking orders BTW!) and our FLX™ UC 1000 to showcase our new line of conference phones to our eager IT crowd. We also did a fun “Name that tune” contest – anyone who guessed the correct song playing of off the UC 500 won a free t-shirt! Even more amusing were those that did not answer the song name correctly, so they decided to show off their dance moves instead! We decided that garnered a free shirt and a high five too. The crowd around our booth was great- we had many IT Managers who commented on the UC products: “Wow, that looks cool! How does it work? Can it work with my existing call manager?”

I want to share the differences between the 500 and the 1000- as this was a common question at the show:

  • 500.jpgThe FLX UC 500 conveniently connects to your computer via USB and is perfect for softphone calls and using web apps like Skype™ and GoToMeeting®. Essentially it replaces your laptop mic and speakers but brings a whole new level of audio to your conference call, putting out 91dB of volume!


  • The FLX UC 1000 is part of the same family but is actually an IP conference phone with the USB connectivity of the UC 500. It looks exactly the same as the 500, but includes the attached dialer. The key aspect of this phone is that it connects directly to your existing call manager, as well as your PC audio applications via the USB port.


  • Looking for something wireless that comes in Analog OR VoIP? Check out our FLX™ wireless conference phone.

Interested in joining a fast growing IT online community? Check us out on SpiceWorks!

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