Revolabs EMEA Partner Conference 2014 At Abbey Road Studios In London

Russell Harpham, Regional Director, recaps a recent Revolabs event in London

Entering the doors to studio 2 at the world famous Abbey Road Studios filled me with both excitement and anxiety. Excitement at the chance to show our distribution partners more about the growth we have had so far and our plans for the future. Anxiety because this was Abbey Road and I want the event to live up to the location. In the end the day was a success and we were able to inform some of Europe’s most successful AV distributors about how Revolabs are changing the parts of the audio integration industry and how having the support of Yamaha is being seen as huge sign of both credibility and intent.

JP CarneyWe invited some guest speakers, who would allow our message to be underwritten by real life experience of where our products fill a big gaps in the market. Huge thanks should therefore be given to Mike Allinson from University College London and Jonathan Foot from Emergent AV who illustrated with extreme proficiency the problems that Revolabs technology solve.

The Studios was adorned with memorabilia and technology used by the past legends that had graced this room. Most notably were the Beatles who recorded 190 of their 200+ songs in this very room, I couldn’t help but notice how technology had changed in the last 60 years. From the microphones once used by King George, John Lennon’s mic of choice all the way through to the Revolabs Elite Microphones at the back of the room – quite a contrast! As the day closed with a history of the studio by Jeremy Huffleman, I hoped that the partners left with a sense that Revolabs were not only ahead of the game but they were coming of age in this very exciting time of the industry. - Russell Harpham

Revolabs CEO JP Carney tickles the ivories at Abbey Road Studios in London (right)

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