Yes! Revolabs Executive Elite™ Is Shipping!


It has been some time since my last blog – and I know that I promised a follow-up blog which I never came to write so far. But things are changing, and I am sure I will find time to write that blog shortly.

Why haven’t I written it so far? You might have heard it, seen the press release, or have been waiting for the Executive Elite product to ship and just received that package at your door. Yes! Revolabs Executive Elite started shipping this week. And we aren’t shipping one here, one there. We are shipping. The trucks are lined up outside our warehouse. Looking out my window, they actually are. Of course this could be because the two major shipping companies seem to have a race every day trying to be first at our loading dock – and it is a close race every day!

But coming back to the news. After a long process of developing, testing, more testing, and even more testing, a beta test process (Thank you to all of our beta testers and beta users – you did a phenomenal job!), and a final QA run, we released the Executive Elite product. “The audio quality difference [to wired ceiling microphones] was DAY AND NIGHT.” “Revolabs understands the need for an aesthetically pleasing product.” “The interface […] is intuitive and feature rich.” “Revolabs […] revolutionized the audio quality of their microphones.” These are just some of the quotes we got from our beta testers and beta users. We hope and expect to hear more from you in the next weeks – and I know that you will be as convinced about the product as they were.

Bringing the product to fruition took a lot of people. And a lot of brain power.

To Engineering: You guys and gals are phenomenal! I should say so much more, but whatever I say will fall short of what you did and how I feel about it. I take back all the things I might have said over the last few months while we were going through the development process.

To QA: I am sorry that I always designed new tests, new scenarios, and new ways to get your lab machines humming. But you had the product run through a product release test I have never seen before, day, night, and weekends. I know that you tried hard to break the product – and I am happy to see that you were not successful in that. Thanks for your hard testing efforts.

To our Field Sales Engineers: I know that you are living in airports and hotel rooms without me asking you to support the beta testers and beta users. I assume over the last few months you scratched the hotel rooms and just went from airport to customers and testers and users and back to airports. Your dedication is unrivaled and appreciated.

To Operations: From design, over first shots, bringing up the manufacturing lines, testing the product to ensure the quality we wanted to deliver, and ensuring that the product is ready to be delivered. And now filling these trucks lined up in front of our warehouse (see above) – I say thank you. I know that some of you lived at the factory during the past few months to make this happen!

And finally to Sales, I apologize! And I take off my hat. I apologize, because we left you out for far too long without the product. Believe me today when I tell you that it was worth it! And I take off my hat, because these trucks outside my window I talked about – a clear sign of your hard work getting the word out, the excitement going, and the orders in.

I am sure I forgot someone – to all not listed before and involved in the project, please accept my heartfelt thanks!

Here we are now with the Executive Elite product and I am really looking forward to hearing from you what your experience is. Please write to me at, or add your comment to this blog, or talk to me at Infocomm. I am looking forward to learning about the features you think we should add to our next generation product; the job of the Product Manager never ends.

To read the recent press release, click here.

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