Top 5 Questions About Revolabs Executive Elite

We recently polled our Revolabs Field Sales Engineers, who have been busy demonstrating the new Revolabs Executive Elite to audiovisual consultants across the country, and around the globe.  We asked the FSEs to list the most common questions their AV consultants were asking about the new Revolabs Executive Elite and here is what the "survey says”…


1. What do the Revolabs Executive Elite Goosenecks sound like?

The new 6” and 12” gooseneck microphones (01ELITEMICGN06 and 01ELITEMICGN12) are the first gooseneck wireless microphone that Revolabs has ever offered, so naturally, the AV consultants have a lot of questions regarding those models.  To put it simply, these microphones have been digitally tuned for boardroom and conference settings, where participants require individual microphones.  The goosenecks sound great on a podium, panel discussion, and/or videoconference, as the cardioid pattern microphone element is aimed at the person who is speaking.  The 12” gooseneck is the perfect height for laptop computers.

In addition to the two new gooseneck wireless microphones, the Executive Elite microphone family includes an omnidirectional wireless tabletop microphone, a directional wireless tabletop microphone, a wearable wireless microphone, an XLR adapter, and a TA4 mini XLR adapter that can be used with a Countryman E3 or similar head-worn microphone.

So how DO they sound? Well, you can judge for yourself, but here is one recent reaction:

“When comparing Revolabs’ Executive Elite to our existing ceiling microphone setup, the difference in audio quality was night and day,” said Keith Gustafson, director of technology at MSpace. “Executive Elite’s microphones were louder, clearer, and our conferencing participants were able to notice a significant improvement in the new system’s signal-to-noise ratio. The combination of crystal-clear audio and beautiful design makes Executive Elite a truly impressive system; we look forward to implementing the solution for both our audio and video calls going forward." 

For the technical specifications of the Executive Elite mics, here is the datasheet:

2. Is Revolabs Executive Elite flexible?

Yes, the Executive Elite line of microphones is very flexible.  One of our Revolabs Field Sales Engineers recently summarized the flexibility that Revolabs Executive Elite offers to consultants:

"Unfortunately for consultants and resellers, the customer quite often changes their mind sometimes between the project conception and handover stages. Whether these are agreed changes or miscommunications, it just happens. Therefore if the product has the flexibility to be re-configured slightly or re-located slightly this allows the consultant a bit of scope to alter stuff without necessarily going back and asking for more time or money." - Geoff Hellyer, Revolabs Field Sales Engineer

The Executive Elite system allows installers some ability to alter the room mic layout or audio configurations to accommodate minor last-minute changes to the project, as often happens between the time of the quote and the actual install.

3. How many microphones can one base unit and antenna support? 

The Executive Elite antenna and base unit support 4 microphones maximum for 4-channel, and 8 mics max for 8-channel systems.  In addition, multiple Executive Elite receivers can be linked to utilize up to 44 (Americas) or up to 76 (rest-of-world) microphones in a single room. Administrators can monitor and control all microphones via USB, RS232, or Ethernet interfaces locally, or use a new cloud-based management environment for remote command and control capabilities including third-party managed installations. Wired microphones can also be added to increase the overall number of microphones in a given installed sound system.

4. What outputs does the Revolabs Executive Elite support?

The Executive Elite has analog (unmixed), USB (unmixed) and AVB outputs available on the base unit.  AVB is a relatively new IEEE standard that reserves bandwidth through IP networks for increased quality of service (QoS) for audio-visual applications.  Revolabs supports AVB as a highly-capable new IEEE standard that can significantly improve AV conferencing applications, and belongs to the AVnu Alliance.  Many manufacturers now equip their new products with AVB capability.

5. What finishes are available to coordinate with architectural colors and room decor?

The Executive Elite remote antenna can be painted to match room colors.  Executive Elite microphones come with a black matte finish.

If you are an AV consultant, systems integrator, or Revolabs reseller, you can get more technical information in our knowledge base, which is constantly updated.  We also encourage everyone, including end-users, to contact our Field Sales Engineers to help you design and correctly specify your new Executive Elite installed system.

Questions? We’d love to help